Congressional Country Club Partners with Uncorkd to Usher in New Era of Fine Service

Congressional Country Club has worked with Uncorkd since 2011. In that time, Congressional has seen their beverage program grow step-for-step with the growth of Uncorkd. Early on, the adoption of digital beverage menus was seen as a progressive and daring decision for a club so imbued with history and tradition. It’s now an integral and hallmark piece of their beverage and dining program

30 – 40%

Beverage Sale Growth Month Over Month

A Historic Club

Congressional Country Club is one of the country’s most esteemed private clubs. Opened in 1924, Congressional was founded by two senators who sought to create a comfortable space for politicians to socialize and conduct business with the nation’s elite outside the confines of the Senate halls. The attendees at the club’s opening gala included then-sitting President Calvin Coolidge and First Lady Grace Coolidge. Congressional members include many figures of American mythos, like notables John D. Rockefeller and William Randolph Hearst.

The club maintains world class golf courses and has hosted major events like the PGA Championship and multiple years of the U.S. Open, as recently as 2011. It’s impressive course and history is embodied by a stately clubhouse that offers impeccable dining service.

“All who use the iPads love it! Servers sales have skyrocketed and we use the iPads as training tools in pre-meal meetings.Our sales have gone up by 30 to 40% and continue to grow”

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How To Modernize

Located in Bethesda, Maryland, Congressional Country Club sits squarely in the hub of American culture. Today, the club continues a legacy that boasts a refined sense of tradition while cultivating a progressive outlook that aims to reset precedent and push forward towards the future.

Rhys Williams, Assistant Food and Beverage Director at Congressional Country Club is responsible for overseeing the club’s balancing act between Washington D.C. tradition and adaption to modern times. But Mr. Williams has done more than simply adapt, he’s curated a spectacular change at Congressional that has them positioned at the forefront of technologically savvy Country Clubs. Now, years of partnership, Mr. Williams can look back at the adoption of digital beverage menus as pivotal point where Congressional embraced a new era of fine dining service. While still respectful of long-standing member’s concerns and needs, the club has seamlessly integrated iPad menus into their dining service. Uncorkd iPad menus have helped grow beverage sales while being meet with overwhelming support from Congressional members and its management team.

“At first we were a bit hesitant going with modern media as country club traditions and rules would be tested. Our members loved it and we started out with one in our Chophouse in October – By January we had 8 units and followed that up 6 months later to a total of 15 iPads throughout our 4 restaurants.”

Uncorkd Elevates Wine Program

Congressional uses the iPad menus as much more than an alternative to traditional paper menus. Mr. Williams uses the iPads as a training tool before service as a way to ensure that staff has up-to-date knowledge on the Congressional’s wine and beverage program. They frequently update prixe fixe menus, daily specials, and new menu items. Uncorkd’s extensive beverage database is a beneficial tool, as it provides tasting notes and producer information that is useful to both guests and staff.

“Uncorkd has taken our wine program to a whole new level. They are informative, great teaching and training tools, and our membership really like them and love to show off to their guests when entertaining at the club.”

Photos help sell. That idea has been proven at Congressional Country Club. With weekly updates of dinner specials and wine suggestions, photos are used to inform and entice guests. And with website integration, Uncorkd menus can be linked to a club’s website so updated menu information is instantly available online and able to be viewed by members from home.

Beverage Management Made Simple

Instant menu updates give you a flexibility that paper menus simply cannot. Common hassles like wine list revisions, rotating specials, offering wine suggestions, or keeping an accurate menu on your website are all made easy when your menu is powered by Uncorkd.

At Congressional Country Club, Mr. Williams uses this instant ability to the club’s advantage, making sure the club is getting the most out of Uncorkd digital menus.

“Uncorkd is very simple to use and updating everything is fast and easy.”

Uncorkd and Congressional: A Productive Partnership

The great relationship between Uncorkd and Congressional has been mutually beneficial. And while Congressional Country Club has been able to elevate their wine and beverage program since adopting Uncorkd into their restaurants, Uncorkd has greatly benefitted from our success at Congressional Country Club. Since partnering with Congressional, Mr. Williams and his team have recommended our services to many country clubs that we continue to work with today. 

Uncorkd is very excited to continue working with Congressional Country Club. We’re also excited about the challenge to grow and work with more private clubs around the country.

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