Member Wine Lockers

Member Wine Locker iPad App

If your country club or restaurant has private member wine lockers, you can keep the lockers on the iPad wine list app. Don’t worry about maintaining a separate wine locker book, or constantly printing out new pages for each member wine list. With Uncorkd you can have your wine locker program on the iPad in the same place as the rest of your beverage program, or on separate iPads if you prefer. Your members will have access to the wine tasting notes and details and if they are entertaining guests who want to remember the great bottle of wine they had, they can instantly email the selection and tasting notes to their guests.

Why Choose Uncorkd?

Save hours of time

Very easy and simple to make changes to your wine list and lockers in seconds.

Wow customers and guests

Enhance the dining experience by providing more information than just a wine name and region.

Utilize our beverage database

With hundreds of thousands of drinks, including images, producer information and tasting notes.