Simple and Intuitive Digital Menus for Restaurant Guests

iPad Wine List Digital Restaurant Menu

Our core design principle is simplicity. We want anyone who uses our product to intuitively know how to use it.  This includes guests in a restaurant.  No matter what age or how tech-savvy someone is, they’ll enjoy using Uncorkd iPad menus. With customized designs, maximum flexibility in organizing the menu, and a user friendly interface, Uncorkd tablet menus are loved by diners and staff alike.

What Makes Us Different?

One Touch Menu Access

Organize the menu how you like and your guests can access the menu intuitively in one click.

Familiar Wine List Browsing

The digital menu is organized and browsed similar to a traditional menu so your guests will know how to use it.

Superior Search and Filter Capabilities

Diners quickly find items that meet their preferences for an enjoyable meal.