Tavern at the Park Generates Buzz, Increases Sales with Uncorkd iPad Wine Menus

Tavern at the Park is a local Chicago restaurant nestled across the street from Millennium Park. They offer contemporary American food with a twist, described as “food you’ve had like you’ve never had it,” by partner Donny de Castro. The establishment prides itself on its service and follows a “pure Chicago” ideal.

Accompanying their American-styled menu is their extensive beverage list, comprised of new and old world wines, local beers, and unique specialty cocktails. “We work very diligently to keep up-to-date with trends, while sourcing local and fresh ingredients for cocktails that change a couple of times during the year,” de Castro explains.

Tavern’s popularity with Chicago residents and visitors made them want to take the idea of hospitality and service a step further. They wanted customers to dive into their menu and increase their interest and knowledge of their beverage selections. The restaurant uses 20 iPads in the dining rooms and at the bar.