Wine and Beverage Inventory for Restaurants and Bars

What’s The Point Of Taking Inventory, Anyway?

Taking beverage inventory stinks. No one except a certain Sesame Street muppet enjoys the act of counting things. Unless you’re counting your money and you’ve got loads of it. But it’s necessary for a well-run bar or restaurant to do it. But so many restaurants aren’t properly taking inventory. However, there are ways to make inventory work better. Let’s look at some practices that will make inventory easier in the long run and give your bar or restaurant a big advantage over other bars and restaurants that are clueless about their counts. These tips can make your beverage program more profitable.

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Spring Cocktail Trends 2017

David Bowie, Martinis, And Other Spring Cocktail Trends

What will your cocktail menu look like this spring?

Wait, are you not creating a new cocktail menu to capture the life-giving flavors of spring? Well, you should. Seasonally-inspired menus are a great way to excite customers and can drum up new business if your menu is marketed properly. If you need some inspiration, take a look at 2017’s spring cocktail trends. Read more