Frequently Asked Questions about Uncorkd iPad Wine Lists and Beverage Menus

Uncorkd is provided as a service for an annual fee. We do not require multi-year contracts and our rates are affordable and deliver significant returns on investment. The cost varies for restaurants based on a number of factors and we’d be glad to provide you with a proposal that meets your unique needs.  Please see our pricing page for more information or to request a quote.

Uncorkd customers see their wine sales increase on average 15% to 20%. The increase in sales comes both from customers who otherwise would not have ordered wine as well as guests willing to spend more when they feel educated on their choices. Uncorkd also provides upsell tools to increase check size by enabling you to feature items and recommend suggested wine pairings.

Yes! You can include any items you like. We have restaurants that include spirits, beer, cocktails, cigars, full food menus, entree food pairings, desserts, after dinner drinks and more. Uncorkd gives you the flexibility to organize and categorize the menu how you like. In addition to our massive wine database, our database also includes tens of thousands of spirits and beers. You can likewise place orders or inventory any alcoholic or nonalcoholic item.

To get a price quote and sign up, visit our pricing page. Once you sign up we will enter your inventory, input your menus, customize the design and organization of your menu and provide training for you and any staff at your location. We walk you through the process and make it easy, whether you are a computer expert or novice.

No, we have a completely hosted solution, which means all of the data for your restaurant is hosted by our secure servers in the cloud. You don’t need to purchase or install any hardware on-site.

For our menu management, inventory management and purchasing portal, you can use any device – smartphone, tablet or computer.

Our digital menu app is compatible with Apple iPad® devices and just require a regular WiFi connection.

Uncorkd currently works on most versions of the Apple iPad or iPad mini.  We can make suggestions for which type of devices would be best suited for your restaurant and provide the devices as well.

The inventory management and digital menu functions completely without an internet connection. So you don’t have to worry about spotty connections or if the network goes down. However, you will need a wifi connection for the devices to eventually sync all the data.

No, all changes are automatically pushed to all of your iPads when connected to a WiFi network. After you make changes through your online portal, all changes are made on all of your iPad devices when connected to the internet every three minutes.

It is extremely easy. You simply login to your account through the Uncorkd portal and from there you can instantly manage and customize your menu. The entire management of your menu is at your fingertips 24/7 and is updated on your restaurant iPads in near real-time.  Request a demo to see for yourself how easy it is to use Uncorkd.

Uncorkd provides support and instructions to ensure the iPads are locked down, preventing customers in your restaurant from browsing the internet, emailing or doing anything else on the iPads. We also help install location tracking software so you can see where your iPads are at all times. We provide guidance on how best to protect the iPads to minimize and prevent damage and losses.  If you use our managed device program, we handle everything for you, including location tracking, device setup and even include insurance on the device against damage.

Uncorkd provides full support for the software and ensuring it works properly on your devices for the lifetime you are a customer. Our goal is to see your business succeed, increase your wine sales and delight your customers. Uncorkd can’t succeed without our customers and we do everything possible to ensure their wine menu provides an exceptional experience for diners in the restaurant.  We provide support via phone, email, and in some cases in-person.