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Uncorkd: Helping restaurants improve their beverage program and making wine and alcoholic beverages accessible to the everyday consumer

Who is Uncorkd?

Founded in 2011, Uncorkd is the leader in digital wine and beverage menus and on premise beverage management software.  Our company was created with a vision to make wine and alcoholic beverages accessible and understandable by consumers, removing the intimidation or pretentiousness often associated with wine, spirits, beer and cocktails.  We accomplish this by providing innovative technology tools to restaurants to help them manage their programs and present drink information to customers that improves the dining experience.  We’re passionate about the intersection of technology and hospitality and believe that with the right tools, restaurants can increase their sales and improve their efficiency, while satisfying more customers and focusing on their core competencies in food, beverage, service and overall hospitality.

Technology in the Restaurant

Technology has had a big impact for restaurants and hospitality over the past thirty years, first with POS software and then as the internet and mobile grew there were services for everything from booking reservations to reviews.  We believe that there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially when it comes to alcoholic beverage programs and how restaurants manage their drink lists, do inventory, work with their distributors and suppliers, and ultimately how they connect with and gain loyal customers.  Uncorkd’s focus is on improving the experience throughout the chain, from diner to restaurant to supplier.

Restaurant Employee with iPad at Bar

We Put Beverages First

Our singular focus is on alcoholic beverages for on-premise establishments of all types.  We believe it has been an under-represented segment with huge potential by increasing the overall market size of consumers who regularly enjoy having a drink.  Too often diners feel uncomfortable ordering an expensive bottle of wine because they don’t recognize the names on a wine list, don’t feel educated enough to spend a lot of their disposable income on something that seems mysterious or don’t want to embarrass themselves in other company.  Technology can help bridge the gap between restaurants and their customers, but in order to do so, the technology also has to be simple and easy to use.  While Uncorkd focuses on beverages, our software also is flexible to handle food and other items.  We focus on quality over quantity, uniqueness over one-size-fits-all, flexibility over rigidness, and on the experience instead of the transaction.

Our Mission and Values

Uncorkd’s mission is to be the leading web and mobile platform for alcoholic beverages by revolutionizing the way people think about, purchase and enjoy drinks in a restaurant.  Uncorkd will achieve this by developing innovative technology that delivers value for restaurants, consumers and suppliers and by providing world-class service to all partners.

Innovative Technology
Uncorkd is dedicated to creating the best restaurant technology in the world. We deliver innovative software that helps restaurants understand their target audience, engage them, and measure the impact, all while increasing efficiency and the bottom line.

User-Friendly Design
Technology can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our guiding design principles ensure our products can be used by anyone, regardless of age, experience or technical know-how. Our products are intuitive so that clients can focus on running their business, not the technical details.

World Class Customer Service
We strive for a culture that truly believes in exceeding our clients expectations. We understand that we can only be successful if our clients and partners are successful. We’re here to assist and support those we work with, now and in the future.