Distributor Purchasing Support

Distributor Ordering Overview

The Uncorkd distributor purchasing system creates a simpler and faster way to place orders with your distributors, as well as tracking order and invoice history. Order reports provide in-depth financial insights to help evaluate the health of your bar program and implement strategies that grow profits.

The key components of distributor purchasing are:

  • The ability to place all orders with all distributors at one time through email
  • Build orders right from your inventory counts
  • Save and organize past orders to make order history accessible
  • Submit, save, and organize a digital copy of invoices
  • Deep financial analytics on ordering habits and dollar spend
  • Confirm products are received upon delivery

The distributor purchasing functionality is web-based and can be accessed by logging into your Uncorkd account in any web browser and from any mobile device. Using a mobile phone or iPad is faster and more portable than lugging around a laptop, or writing on paper and retyping later.

Distributor Ordering Setup and Assistance Guide PDF

Download the distributor purchasing guide to learn how the purchasing system works. The document includes screen shots, examples, and how-to’s for each step of the ordering process from assigning distributors to products, to placing orders, and uploading invoices.

Distributor Purchasing Training Video

Frequently Asked Questions

To submit an invoice, first take a clear, legible photo of the invoice. Then go to the Order History section of the online beverage management dashboard and select the appropriate order. Click the “Upload Invoice” button and select the correct image file to upload.

From there, the Uncorkd team will input the invoice information into the Uncorkd system. It helps to name the image follow with Distributor and date. At this point, you should also enter the invoice number into the corresponding field on the Confirm Order page.

When you upload your invoice into Uncorkd, the Uncorkd beverage team will enter in the line item costs for all your items into your order in Uncorkd.

Your invoice must exactly match your Uncorkd order. If your invoice isn’t different than what you ordered, but add/delete/edit any items on the order so they reflect your invoice.

It is easiest to use the ordering functionality on your mobile phone or iPad so when you click the “upload invoice” button it will allow you to snap photos from your phone to upload. You can also separately take photos from your phone and email them to order@uncorkd.biz and we will upload them for you.

At this point, you can not add additional fees and charges to the order. The Uncorkd system only allows the cost of products to be recorded.

Only one distributor contact can be assigned to an individual product. Uncorkd creates and email version of your order which is sent to the sales representative assigned to each item. You receive that same email as well, and can forward it on to another contact.

Uncorkd creates an email version of your order to send to the proper sales representative. Once the email is sent, you will receive a copy of the email to confirm that the order was placed.

Yes. Once you confirm the delivery, the quantity of each item will be added to your inventory counts.

All orders are saved under Order History, and can be viewed at any point. You will also receive an email copy of your order when it is placed with the distributor.

You are also able to generate PDF versions of your orders from the Order History entry for your order.