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Uncorkd: Our Story

Where Did We Come From?

Uncorkd was started by people who enjoy having a drink, but were tired of stodgy old menus, 20 lb. wine books, and the terrible experience of ordering something on a menu only for the server to inform you that it’s no longer available.  We’re passionate about technology and alcoholic beverages, and especially how we can marry the two together. We’re building a company that cares deeply about our clients, providing them world-class hospitality, and being partners to assist with their beverage programs.

Restaurants as early as a decade prior had experimented with electronic menus, but current products on the market required large upfront investments, dedicated networks and hardware, expensive equipment leases, on-site installation and maintenance, and custom software development.  With a background in technology and an understanding of the alcoholic beverage consumer, the team set about building the first software-as-a-service approach to beverage menus.  Thus, the first iPad beverage platform was born.

How We Have Grown

Uncorkd started as an iPad wine app platform, but has grown to be a leading digital beverage management and menu solution for restaurants by focusing on building software that is powerful, functional and most importantly, easy to use.  Our solution combines the best of customization and flexibility to meet the unique needs of each operator.  The digital beverage software industry generally has two extremes: one-size-fits-all software where every operators’ menu looks identical to every other and complete custom software development that is expensive, inflexible and difficult to maintain.

Uncorkd has carved a position in the middle, which has been one of the reasons for our  success.  We understand each operator is different, from a design and branding standpoint to an operational standpoint.  Uncorkd software has been developed to appeal to operators large and small because it is powerful and personalized.  Since our inception, our focus has expanded beyond wine to total beverage management for the on-premise industry.  As craft beers, spirits, and other drinks experience significant growth, Uncorkd helps all different types of operators manage not only their wine list, but also whiskey and scotch lists, beer menus, cocktail menus, food and wine pairings, and much more.

Wine in Restaurant

Where We Are Going

Uncorkd will continue to lead with innovative solutions for the hospitality and beverage industry.  We work to make hospitality businesses more efficient and drive sales while improving customer satisfaction.  Our team constantly listens to feedback from operators to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and develop leading solutions to help our clients do their jobs better.  We have exciting plans and look forward to working with our clients, partners and industry to grow the alcoholic beverage market.