Latest Release of Uncorkd for iPad

Uncorkd 4.6.13 (February 17, 2022)

What’s New:

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

 Prior Releases

Uncorkd 4.6.12e (September 28, 2021)

What’s New:

– Updated code signature to work on iOS 15

Uncorkd 4.6.12d (February 25, 2021)

What’s New:

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Uncorkd 4.6.12c (March 3, 2020)

What’s New:

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Uncorkd 4.6.12b (March 11, 2019)

What’s New:

– Bug fixes

– Performance improvements with new theme to show more sections, easier loading of section images

Uncorkd 4.6.12a (March 29, 2018)

What’s New:

– Bug fixes

Uncorkd 4.6.12 (August 28, 2017)

What’s New:

– Fixed search bug that was returning to many search results

Uncorkd 4.6.11 (July 24, 2017)

What’s New:

– Inventory functionality! Show number of bottles left on the iPad and automatically remove items when out of stock.

– Inactivity timeout – set a time for the menus to automatically reset to the home screen if they have been inactive

– Search on the iPad will now again search all items, even without prices. Maximum results returned increased from 100 to 150.

Uncorkd 4.6.10 (April 5, 2017)

What’s New:

– Improved search so it doesn’t search in private lockers that are locked with a passcode

Uncorkd 4.6.9 (January 31, 2017)

What’s New:

– Ability to have an additional background image that appears on the browse, details and selections page

– Ability to display all categories/subcategories by default in the navigation instead of having a “More” button

– Changes the menu navigation to have a back button in the top left instead of a bottome bar below the item details

– Fixes a bug with the section images caching and not displaying the new images after a reset

Uncorkd 4.6.7 (October 26, 2016)

What’s New:

– Support for FontAwesome v6.5 icon font in the app

– Changes icons in top navigation, providing user control of the colors

– Added two additional color controls for the app: top navigation icons and the font color for the description on items

– Allows HTML tags in the item Name field to allow for extra formatting of text or addition of FontAwesome icons

Uncorkd 4.6.6 (July 27, 2016)

What’s New:

– Added option to display ABV for all drinks

– Fixed bug affecting menus with one category and many subcategories which didn’t display the More button to see all

Uncorkd 4.6.5 (July 15, 2016)

What’s New:

– Enhanced search so that it searches the whole menu from any page

– Added ability to show beer ABVs

– Make items on the selections page clickable to view details

– Added ability to put in shorter descriptions for food and cocktails when guests browsing the page

– Fixed search bug that caused app to freeze when an empty search was done

– Added support for spirits to now show all region information

– Slight adjustment to design layouts to make content areas larger

Uncorkd 4.6.3 (March 19, 2016)

What’s New:

– Added ability to lock and password protect subcategories (ie. wine lockers)

– Changed keyboard layout for emailing selections

Uncorkd 4.6.2 (December 15, 2015)

What’s New:

– Improved menu navigation by using drop-down menu instead of left/right swipe

Uncorkd 4.6.1 (September 29, 2015)

What’s New:

– Performance improvements by changing transition styles

– Changed navigation to back button instead of up arrow

– Changed subcategory description header font to body font

– Fixed bug for DOM Exception 11 error

– Slightly increased size of description text enlarge button for ease of use

Uncorkd 4.4.7 (June 25, 2015)

What’s New:

– Adds device details to reset screen, when triple tap bottom right of the menu

– Fixed bug related to freezing before menu loads

– Adds momentum scrolling to browsing the menu

– Changes update process to update every time device wakes up in app

– Fixed bug for resetting menu when orientation was changed

Uncorkd 4.4.6 (February 25, 2015)

What’s New:

– Improved update process for slow and intermittent internet connections.

Uncorkd 4.4.5 (January 9, 2015)

What’s New:

– Bug fix for splash screen affecting iPad 4th Generation

Uncorkd 4.4.4 (December 18, 2014)

What’s New:

– Fix for app crashing on new installs on certain devices

– Fix for iOS 8 with top status bar

Uncorkd 4.4.3 (November 11, 2014)

What’s New:

– Fix for installing the app from this page that was affecting some devices and versions of iOS

– Ability to do a full reset of the device during the loading phase (Tap the screen four times quickly to reset)

Uncorkd 4.4.3 (October 8, 2014)

What’s New:

– Bug fix for splash page

Uncorkd 4.4.2 (September 22, 2014)

What’s New:

– Bug fix for iOS 8

Uncorkd 4.4.1 (August 13, 2014)  ** iPad First Generation Devices must use this version

What’s New:

– Home screen now allows up to 8 sections

– New splash screen in the app activated with a triple tap

– New customization options of font colors and sizes

– Subcategory descriptions

– Includes bug fix for the splash page from a August 7, 2014

Uncorkd 4.3 (April 22, 2014)

What’s New:

– Zoom in on product images by tapping on the image

– Enlarge item description text by tapping on magnifying icon

– Improved search and filtering within the app

– Show cocktail descriptions from the browse screen

– Show Bin number on new row from the browse screen

Uncorkd 4.1.7 (December 6, 2013)


– Info page now allows external content such as videos or embedded websites

– Descriptions now allow some HTML tags, such as links, video and iframes

– In App Browser added to support web links without leaving the app

– Fix for manual reset of the menu when no internet connection is available

Uncorkd 4.1.7a (November 22, 2013)

Uncorkd 4.1.6

iTheft Beacon Theft Detection App

iTheft 1.0 January 30, 2015

Note: This app requires the use of Estimote Beacons and devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (Apple iPad Generation 3 or newer)