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Why Your Wine Menu Is Scaring Your Guests

Are you the kind of restaurateur who is proud of your vast wine list? Do you boast about the hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of bottles you stock? I’m sorry to tell you this, but even though your wine list may be awesome, it’s probably killing your sales. Today’s article clarifies why a long wine menu cuts into your customers’ wine purchases, then gives you the method to fix that problem — fast. 

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Cheers to By-The-Glass Wine Selections

“By-the-glass is what drives a wine program. It’s a doorway to your program as a whole,” according to Christopher Birnie-Visscher, sommelier at db Bistro Moderne. There are times when buying a bottle at a restaurant may not be of interest to a customer. However, you can still get that beverage sale by offering a by-the-glass wine list. At times it can be a challenge to implement such an option, but these four tips can get your restaurant started on the right foot.

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Job Growth in Restaurant Industry Expected for 2015

2014 will mark the 15th consecutive year that the restaurant industry job growth outdid the overall economy by adding jobs at an incredible 3.5 percent rate. The National Restaurant Association’s Chief Economist Bruce Grindy states that “The restaurant industry continues to be a driving force behind the nation’s recovery,” as steady job growth convinces consumers to break away from the recession mindset. Grindy predicts that 2015 is to be a year with continued economic gains in addition to the 300,000 jobs that are to be added to the restaurant industry.

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How to Host a Better Restaurant Week and Get More Customers

If your restaurant is in Chicago, restaurant week is officially over. The mad rush has ended, your restaurant week customers have left, and if you’re like most restaurateurs, you’re beating yourself up for every little thing you could have done better. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Channel that perfectionist energy into making next year your best restaurant week ever with these five easy-to-follow steps. 

And if you’re not in Chicago, use these tips to maximize your success during Restaurant Week.
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Making Wine Tasting Memorable with Technology

There are some great technology innovations happening in the wine industry as you know, but now even wine producers themselves are adopting ways to improve the guest experience at their wineries.  Robert Mondavi Winery, for example, was searching for a way to enhance the wine tasting experience while keeping up with modern times. That’s when winemakers at the Napa Valley vineyards came up with the idea to create an app that helped consumers leave the winery with long-lasting memories.

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Trending Cocktails: Citrus and Grapefruit Flavoring

Citrus has always been a favorite when it comes to both food and beverage flavoring, but trend reports show that 2015 is the year of the orange, grapefruit and lemon. Consumers tend to lean towards bold flavors and citrus helps spice up a meal or beverage without the added calories.

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Tips For Wine Menu

Choosing Your Restaurant Wine Glass – 3 Approaches

How many wines do you serve in your restaurant? How many types of glasses do you have to serve those wines? With the recent movements toward restaurant authenticity and simplicity, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are now two outspoken sides to the wine glass debate—as well as people who agree with both sides. Which side are you on? Find out when you read this article, examining three common approaches you can take when selecting your restaurant wine glass inventory. 

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How Not to Advertise Your Restaurant – 10 Ways

Running a restaurant is expensive. Advertising is expensive. With steep costs and tricky metrics, I tend to assume that restaurateurs want to make the most of their limited advertising budgets. However, since I see the same mistakes over and over, I have to figure that restaurateurs prefer to spend their time meditating in the peace and quiet of their empty restaurants. Therefore, without further ado, I present you with ten tips you can follow to NOT advertise your restaurant. 

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Bartender’s Choice Menus: Get Free PR and Increase Profits

Industry insiders predict that, among other things, 2015 will be the year of bartender’s choice menus. The rise of the cocktail over the past few years has whetted customers’ tastes for strong drinks with unique flavor profiles—and for many guests, your Manhattan or Sidecar with artisan bitters is no longer going to cut it. Never fear! At Uncorkd, we’re all about helping you make your cocktail menu awesome. This week’s handy post explains how you can add bartender’s choice drinks to your menu to improve your press and profits. 

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