2015 Survey of Alcoholic Beverage Preferences in Restaurants

Trends and survey data on consumer habits when drinking in restaurants and bars

The 2015 Survey of Consumer Alcoholic Beverage Preferences in Restaurants provides insight into what consumers are looking for

Uncorkd conducted a survey composed of beverage related questions to help uncover consumer alcoholic beverage habits and insight when dining out. The goal was to identify the major factors that impact beverage consumption on-premise, such as identifying areas of opportunities to improve restaurant beverage programs, their wine list and overall dining experience for customers. The report provides a data-driven examination of United States consumers of legal drinking age and their preferences and behaviors towards technology, wine, beer and spirits. The full survey data is provided for analysis based on general responses as well as broken down by demographic data and beverage preference data.

Download the survey report by filling out the form on the right and learn about consumer habits and preferences.  Some key insight from the report:

  • Younger consumers are 2x more likely to use social media within a restaurant
  • Consumers would like restaurants to add food pairing suggestions and tasting notes to their wine list
  • Consumers would like different size glass pours and more by-the-glass options on the menu
  • 43% of women prefer to drink wine in a restaurant, compared to 21% of men.
  • Younger consumers prefer beer to wine by a ratio of 2 to 1, but this ratio flips as consumers get older

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