Tablet Menus for Restaurant Managers

Restaurant managers have a lot to do and a lot to watch over.  Constantly updating a wine list or beverage menus, formatting excel or word documents, and printing shouldn’t be one of them.  Restaurant managers can save hours of time each week or month by using Uncorkd iPad wine lists or beverage menus.

Not only do the tablet menus make managers more efficient, but the menu management software does as well, by providing analytics and insights.  Using Uncorkd’s beverage database, bartenders and wait staff can be better trained by reading up on each of the wines, cocktails and beers on the list.  Most importantly of all, Uncorkd improves the guest dining experience and significantly increases beverage sales.

Benefits for Restaurant Managers

Save Time Updating and Printing Menus

Increase Beverage Sales

Improve Staff Training

Better Dining Experience

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