Insta-Opportunity: How Instagram Increases Customer Reach

It’s no surprise that social media has grown to become a vital part of any business strategy. Instagram, the social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos, has become a giant in the social sharing realm. The endearing part about Instagram is that users can post whatever they please, images ranging from day-to-day activities to professional photographs of memorable moments.

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4 Beverage Branding Tips

More and more restaurants are turning to beverage-related strategies to bring in customers and boost sales. Drink sales are often overlooked in the pursuit of finding the correct target consumer and with competition on the rise, their importance is greater than ever before. Build customer loyalty while bringing your restaurant into the spotlight with these 4 beverage branding tips.

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Your Body and Beer- How Drinking Beer Helps Your Health

Just like wine, beer offers an array of health benefits that helps your body inside and out. Beer lovers rejoice, because we’re here to tell you that drinking beer (in moderation) is actually good for you! Here are some scientific facts to give you a reason to have a beer today. Cheers!

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The Rosé Revival: Pink Wine on the Rise

The pink beverage has significantly gained in popularity the last few years. Information company Nielsen revealed a 34% increase to $63 million in the rosé category the past 52 weeks (which ended May 23). Sales are growing globally, as rosé wines are overtaking red and white varietals in some countries. As summer arrives, consumer’s taste for sweet and dry blush wine escalates. All the ranting about rosé has inspired us to create a list of the top pink wines that need to be in your restaurant.

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2015 Survey of Alcoholic Beverage Preferences in Restaurants

Did you know that the color of wine and how well it goes with a meal are the two most popular factors considered when choosing a wine to drink at a restaurant or bar? Or that consumers located on the east and west coast prefer wine, while those located inland are more likely to prefer beer? Read more

The 5 Wine Consumer Personas You Need to Know

Each and every day restaurant employees serve an array of customers with different wants and needs. Figuring out how to sell wine to every consumer is where the difficulty presents itself. Odds are, your approach to selling changes based on the specific consumer you are serving. In order to help your restaurant’s wine sales, study these 5 wine consumer personas and pinpoint which category your guest fits into.

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