The free and simple

bar inventory app

Backbar is a new platform that provides mobile inventory, vendor purchasing, and insightful reports.

Backbar Free Inventory Platform Mobile Inventory App and Inventory Software

How Backbar simplifies inventory

Mobile Inventory

Take inventory on any mobile device and access your inventory counts from any desktop, tablet, or smart phone with no need to download an app.

Organize by Location

Filter your bar inventory by location for better organization and faster counts. Uncorkd works offline so you can save counts without internet access.

Detailed Reporting

Access pre-built inventory reports that breakdown finances and inventory trends to help you answer questions and identify your bar’s strengths and weaknesses.

How Backbar adds value

Easy Onboard

Send your inventory spreadsheets to Uncorkd and we’ll set up your inventory in our system. Uncorkd takes care of the heavy lifting so our customers don’t have to.

Lower Liquor Pour Costs

Combine theoretical inventory with hard counts and detailed reports to drive down liquor costs and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

Save Time

Simple counting interface speeds up inventory and can reduce count time by 30% to 50% to save you hours on inventory and cut back labor costs.