Award-Winning Restaurant Stays Cutting Edge with Uncorkd Digital Menus

Copper Door is a local favorite in greater Manchester, New Hampshire. The innovative restaurant takes its business seriously, but retains a rustic New England charm that welcomes you with big vaulted ceilings and a cozy stone-hearth fireplace. Offering a menu of approachable new American cuisine, the kitchen prepares everything from scratch, in-house; the restaurant has a flair for doing things its own way. The food pairs with an award-winning wine list that’s received national attention. Awards have come one after the other for Copper Door. But it remains a place that you can casually go to have a great drink with friends. That community atmosphere was certified by another honor, “Best After-Work Bar.” Each year since 2012, Copper Door has won a “Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.” And they shake a good cocktail, too, placing a “Best Cocktails” award alongside their wine accolades.

It’s clear that Copper Door knows the importance of a good beverage program. But maintaining a program that’s worthy of awards year after year can be difficult. Sandy Rozek, Director of Guest Services at Copper Door, knows firsthand the work involved in running a restaurant at a high-level. Rozek saw countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars spent each year updating and re-printing their wine lists. Making sure the staff is knowledgable about new wines and can educate their tables on each item is big task when you’re selling premium labels. Copper Door’s philosophy is to be approachable despite their pedigree. After so much success, the restaurant’s owners wanted to make sure Copper Door wasn’t resting on its past awards and continued to set the standard for dining in New Hampshire.

In the fall of 2017, Copper Door opened a new location and has brought Uncorkd on again to repeat the successes they’ve had with digital beverage menus.

…Let’s not forget the savings of roughly $16K annually, which was the cost of the printing here