How Restaurants Can Attract Customers During Slow Months

The New Year is upon us and so are the endless new year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, for most restaurants and bars this means millions are promising to save their coins and be healthier by eating out less. On top of that, the winter time blues are real and the preference to stay home to avoid the cold and the snow will only grow stronger as the winter progresses. But, there is still hope! No one can resist a great deal or a night of fun, so below is a list different ways restaurants can attract customers during the slow months.

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Tips for Valentine's Day Cocktail and Food Pairing

4 Tips For Trendy Valentine’s Day Cocktails & Food Pairings

Valentine’s Day dinner service is all about creating a special and romantic experience for the couples dining with you. With a restaurant full of candle lit two-tops, VDay service will also be a bit different than your everyday service. One perfect way to create a unique experience for the hallmark holiday is to create a speciality cocktail menu. Here are tips for creating trendy Valentine’s Day cocktails that pair well with each food course. Read more

7 Time Management Tips for Restaurant Managers

7 Time Management Tips for Restaurant Managers

The most stressful day I spent managing a restaurant started with an electrical fire. The culprit was a frayed power cord on one of my ancient beer coolers. The cord sent sparks flying which set fire to the duct tape that was previously applied to the cord by a well-intentioned Macgyver in a failed-attempt to “fix” the cooler. From there, the fire caught on a empty cardboard liquor box stored underneath the drink well next to the cooler. Read more

Photo by Toronto Eaters Liquor Inventory Liquor Cost

5 Goals To Have For Liquor Inventory

Liquor inventory is a necessary evil. But doing bar inventory doesn’t have to be the boogeyman you dread at the end of every month. One way to make inventory more manageable is to set goals to achieve when performing your liquor counts. Setting goals and tracking your progress will keep you motivated. Using inventory as a tool to lower your alcohol cost is the ultimate goal because it will make your bar more profitable.

Inventory takes time, so don’t let it be wasted time. Here are 5 goals that make liquor inventory worth your time.  Read more

Make Your Restaurant Or Bar A Great Place To Work

Holding onto employees is good for business. It cuts hiring costs, requires less time training employees and increases the number of happy, helpful employees in the workplace. Take a moment to think about what aspects of a work environment would make you excited to go to work each day. We put together a couple of key things you can do to boost morale, inspire loyalty, and improve employee retention.
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How To Speak Bartender: Slang You Should Know

If you hang out in bars long enough, you’ll eventually start to hear all sorts of unusual and interesting phrases being thrown around. Each bar will have its own unique vernacular, but many terms are commonly used throughout the industry. Here’s a guide to bar slang that is essential to speaking like a real-life bartender.

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Upgrade Your Inventory Process

No matter what industry you’re in, there are very few tasks more undesirable than inventory. It’s a dull, tiresome process that takes up your valuable time. The good news is, it can be made easier. By taking inventory, you are enforcing a strong backbone for your restaurant or bar’s financial health. While reading the tips below, it is important to note that no inventory process is permanent. The market evolves and changes, and your inventory process should too. Find the system that works best for your company and continue to modify as needed.

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Wine and Beverage Inventory for Restaurants and Bars

What’s The Point Of Taking Inventory, Anyway?

Taking beverage inventory stinks. No one except a certain Sesame Street muppet enjoys the act of counting things. Unless you’re counting your money and you’ve got loads of it. But it’s necessary for a well-run bar or restaurant to do it. But so many restaurants aren’t properly taking inventory. However, there are ways to make inventory work better. Let’s look at some practices that will make inventory easier in the long run and give your bar or restaurant a big advantage over other bars and restaurants that are clueless about their counts. These tips can make your beverage program more profitable.

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Important Interview Questions for Restaurant Managers

Do You Ask These Critical Interview Questions For Restaurant Managers?

Losing a restaurant manager can be really devastating. It can upend employee relationships, diminish a positive work culture, derail finances, and it’s flat out really expensive to replace management, with hiring costs ranging from 30 to 400 percent of their annual salary. The smartest methods to reduce turnover should be put in place before you even hire someone. The entire recruiting process is important, but one of the best ways to vet restaurant managers is during the interview. There are key questions to ask that will give you a valuable projection on how these employees will turn out. Just make sure you are asking these critical interview questions to restaurant managers. Read more

Where to Hire Cooks and Kitchen Staff

Too Few Cooks: Where to Hire Cooks and Kitchen Staff

The explosive growth of restaurants has increased the cooking opportunities for cooks and chefs and this has left many kitchens understaffed. In 2015 and 2016, a growing frustration with the lack of quality cooks put a spotlight on the long hours and chronically low pay that professional cooks face. As the restaurant bubble expands towards its bursting point with each new restaurant that opens, the job opportunities for aspiring chefs and line cooks continue to grow while the talent pool evaporates. Read more