On-Premise Analysis of Still Rose

This research report provides a deep dive into what’s happening with rosé in the on-premise market. We analyzed our on-premise data to find valuable insights on the latest trends, optimal price points, top brands and suppliers, differences by country and region and much more. This 19 page report is filled with actionable insights, data and charts showing what’s happening in the on-premise market. The analysis is based on real-time data captured at restaurants utilizing Uncorkd’s digital beverage menus and software. This includes wine placements from over 67,000 wine listings (over 1100 rosé listings), by-the-glass and by-the-bottle pricing, a diverse group of 187 on-premise accounts and over 1.9 million consumer menu interactions.

What’s provided in the report

  • Changing consumer interest in rosé for the past 24 months, seasonal fluctuations, monthly and annual trends.
  • Current number of rosé placements on wine lists indexed to consumers looking at rosé on menus.
  • How rosés are priced on a wine list for glass pours and bottles and price tiers by placements and interest.
  • The percentage of restaurants that carry at least one rosé placement. The percentage that carry 2, 3, 4 or more rosés.
  • Specific data on how French rosé compares to the overall rosé category on-premise.
  • Break out of rosé placements and interest by account type, country of origin and region.
  • Break out of rosé placements and interest by brand and supplier.

Sample pages from the report

How this report can help you

  • Use the data and charts in this report to influence wholesale partners to better promote your brands
  • Arm your sales reps with information to walk into accounts with hard data showing what on-premise consumers are looking for
  • Tell a compelling, data-driven, story on the growing consumer interest in the rosé category
  • Identify the optimal price points, by-the-glass and bottle, for your existing wines and future releases
  • Identify which types of on-premise accounts should be targeted based on current placements and overall interest from their customers