Uncorkd Customer Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions

The best fit for Uncorkd are restaurants or bars with a mid to large scale beverage program. Restaurants should offer a separate wine, beer, or spirits list in addition to their regular menu. Generally, restaurants with a minimum of 50 wines or an equivalent offering of beers or single-category spirits are ideal users for Uncorkd. Restaurants must be in good business standing, with a reputation for dedication to their beverage program.

We’ll provide you with materials about Uncorkd you can use to show restaurants. We’ll also provide instructions for how to submit your referrals online. You will submit the name of the restaurant, a point of contact and other brief information.

Restaurant owners and managers who have decision making authority within their restaurant are preferred contacts for referral. Uncorkd prefers to speak directly with owners or general managers, but are happy to discuss our services with beverage directors, sommeliers, or bar managers.

You will be compensated for referrals within 15 days when the referred restaurant signs up and pays for Uncorkd services.

You will be compensated by receiving a $200 gift card of your choice in the form of a Visa gift card or Amazon gift card.

We will provide you with a guide on the Uncorkd product and services upon sign-up for the referral program. For additional information, visit our homepage at www.uncorkd.biz.