Uncorkd iPad Whiskey List

A digital menu that educates guests on your whiskey selection to increase sales and makes managing your program simple

“Every single person that comes in contact with the application is impressed and loves to use it…this kind of indirect selling involving special or feature items is getting more clicks and sales.”

Engage Guests

Our iPad whiskey menus can promote your whiskey program in ways that paper menus simply can’t. Educate guests with tasting notes directly from distilleries, in-depth producer information, and bottle images. Share your passion for whiskey with your guests.

Increase Sales

Good service is knowledgable service. Entice your guests with tasting notes, suggested whiskey and food pairings, feature items, and after-dinner drink selections that will increase check averages. All tasting notes and whiskey information are provided in our beverage database containing over 150,000 different alcoholic beverages.

Update Instantly

Uncorkd’s management portal gives you the power to edit your menu in seconds with automatic updates. Eliminate printing costs. 86 out-of-date whiskey listings. Promote whiskey specials without stuffing table tents.

Uncorkd iPad for Whiskey

Why Uncorkd?

Running a successful whiskey program takes a lot of hard work. But Uncorkd makes that task easier. Our customers are our partners. And a partnership means commitment. This means we are dedicated to helping you grow your business and find success with digital menus.

As the first digital menu company to focus on beverage education and beverage program management, Uncorkd knows what works for restaurants when it comes to technology at the table. Let our experience elevate your guests’ experience.

“No matter the question or concern, I am able to reach [Uncorkd] and [they are] lightening fast with a response.…Let’s not forget the savings of roughly $16K annually, which was the cost of the printing here”