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5 Essentials Missing From Your Wine Menu

If your wine menu could talk, what would it say? Would it be blunt, rattling off item after item? Or would it be well versed, giving extra insight to create the ultimate dining experience? The menu is the number one selling tool behind the server. It assists customers with their decision making process and can […]

Restaurants and Charity: The Perfect Partnerships

Helping a charity is always a good thing to do, but did you know that there are several additional benefits that come from participating in a good cause other than feeling great? Hosting a philanthropic event at your restaurant can create a win-win situation for both parties involved. Learn how to increase your restaurant’s business […]

Changing Beer from Cheap to Craft in Minutes

Beer lovers everywhere have experienced the internal debate on whether or not to settle for ordering a traditional lager or coughing up the extra change to get a craft brew. A Maryland start-up has created a solution that allows beer enthusiasts to get the best of both worlds. Hop Theory made a teabag that consumers […]

Servers on Salary: Is Tipping Coming to an End?

As the debate over a fair minimum wage grows statewide, many restaurants have began participating in the anti-tipping movement by paying their servers a salary. Dirt Candy, a vegetarian restaurant in New York, has experimented with the idea by removing the line to tip and instead implementing a 20 percent “administrative fee” on every bill, […]

Increase your Wine Sales with Menu Science

The majority of people who visit a restaurant are coming into the establishment for their food. It is then up to the restaurant to push beverages in order to increase sales. This can seem like a difficult task, but Uncorkd has unlocked the secret in the Definitive Guide to Increasing Wine Sales. Research, as well as […]

Beringer’s Taste Strips Reduce Buyer’s Remorse

Beringer Vineyards are allowing consumers to taste their wine without opening a bottle. The winery has introduced a “try before you buy” strategy in Kroger stores across 20 states with their edible tasting strips. The technology has taken consumers by storm, as people can now taste the wines before purchase and be more confident in their […]

Thinking Outside the Glass: Creative Cocktails

Competition in the restaurant industry has always been fierce. Restaurants and bars continue to search for ideas on how to differentiate themselves from the rest and become the consumer’s first pick on their night out. As the industry evolves and Millennials take charge, food is no longer the only consideration when deciding where to go […]

Hooray! Today is National Beer Day!

April 7 marks National Beer Day in the United Sates. Though some claim it to be a fake holiday, it is celebrated to mark the end of Prohibition in 1933. After 13 years, beer was finally legally allowed to be produced, sold and consumed by Americans. Restaurants and consumers should embrace the occasion and these […]