Restaurants and Charity: The Perfect Partnerships

Helping a charity is always a good thing to do, but did you know that there are several additional benefits that come from participating in a good cause other than feeling great? Hosting a philanthropic event at your restaurant can create a win-win situation for both parties involved. Learn how to increase your restaurant’s business while making a difference with a charity of your choosing.

Before experiencing the benefits of an event, you have to select a charity to partner with. Some argue that this is the hardest part of the process. Restaurants should pick a charity that they are passionate about, while thinking about the types of customers that visit their establishment. Matching the personalities of the two will ensure more participation and better results. Think of an overarching issue to address and move into specifics from there. Pay attention to the mission of the charity and how you can help them achieve their goals.

“Restaurants need to think of charitable involvement as a partnership, not a sponsorship,” explains Alyssa Prince, community relations director of the National Restaurant Association. When you work with a charity, both you and the organization should experience positive outcomes, such as the following:

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Most people possess the mentality that businesses are only looking out for themselves and the quickest way to make a profit. By working with a charity, you allow consumers to view your establishment in a different light. Restaurants take on a caring and concerned personality, moving beyond money, which makes consumers more inclined to visit. Word of mouth of your goodwill has the potential to attract media attention and create a buzz that members of the community will forever associate with your restaurant.

Stronger Bonds with the Community

Working with a charity is a great way to bring people through your doors while giving them the opportunity to unite towards one cause. People feel good when giving, and feel even better when others are around to witness their charitable acts. The team atmosphere creates a sense of pride, making people feel good about where they live and the people they surround themselves with. Your restaurant has now transformed into the hub that brought the community together.

New Customer Creation

To bring in new customers, spread the word about your event. Utilize social media and all other platforms to let people know about your event and how they can contribute to the cause. If there wasn’t an opportunity to visit your restaurant before, there is now. People will come for the cause, but will return for your food, drinks, and service. Think about the aspects of your restaurant that you want to emphasize to guarantee the newcomer’s return. Creating a special beverage or featuring popular items can spark interest and make people crave for more.

Attract New Employees While Retaining Your Current Team

People want to work in an environment that inspires others to do good. Witnessing a partnership with a charity will push people to want to be involved in your establishment, since they want to be surrounded by others that ooze goodwill. Employees that are already on your team will want to stay after seeing that their workplace has a more sympathetic side. No one wants to work for a cold, unsupportive establishment. People that eventually move on from working with you will continue to praise your restaurant and even suggest it to others.