Beringer’s Taste Strips Reduce Buyer’s Remorse

Beringer Vineyards are allowing consumers to taste their wine without opening a bottle. The winery has introduced a “try before you buy” strategy in Kroger stores across 20 states with their edible tasting strips. The technology has taken consumers by storm, as people can now taste the wines before purchase and be more confident in their selection.

Beringer introduced the edible film to stores last week, allowing people to try their 3 most popular varietals: Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and White Zinfandel. Customers move along the wine spectrum – from white, to rosé and ending with red. Each piece is individually wrapped and sits in a dispenser next to the corresponding wine. The strips are non-alcoholic, but still mimic the flavor of the wine.

The ingredients are similar to those that you would find in a breath-freshening strip. Pullulan (what makes the film have its texture), sucrose (sugar) and wine flavoring are the main elements of the sample. Tammy Ackerman, senior brand manager for Beringer, said “We’re proud of the research that has gone into what we know will be a category-changing addition.” Beringer continues to grow at 6%, passing competitors.

The display holding the taste strips makes a point to consumers by stating (on the box) that “94% of women running households choose products from samples rather than advertising.” A taste could be the difference between whether or not a bottle is purchased. It makes wine more approachable – you no longer need to wander the aisles, examining labels and then settling for a wine you aren’t sure you even want in the first place. The sampling attracts oenophiles, newbies, and everyone in between.