Hooray! Today is National Beer Day!

April 7 marks National Beer Day in the United Sates. Though some claim it to be a fake holiday, it is celebrated to mark the end of Prohibition in 1933. After 13 years, beer was finally legally allowed to be produced, sold and consumed by Americans. Restaurants and consumers should embrace the occasion and these facts will give you a reason to celebrate (as if you needed one).

1. Beer is the Most Widely Consumed Alcoholic Beverage in the US

Beer is consumption is male-dominated. In fact, males drink 80% of the beer produced. Light beer, however, has the biggest following by women. When examining age, Millenials take the lead in the drinking beer category. Although imported beers have been growing within the States, Americans still prefer domestic and craft beers over the foreign type. Budlight was ranked the number one domestic beer, followed by Coors Light, Budweiser, and Miller Light. When looking at the imported side, Corona Extra takes the charge, with Heineken and Modela Especial right behind. In a study of 1,047 consumers, VIBE, the largest beverage conference, found that in general, the most popular styles of beer were Lager, Ale, and Amber.

2. Beer Helps the Economy

The Beer Institute discovered that the production of beer drastically helps America. How? The growth, production, distribution and purchasing processes creates about $79 billion wages and benefits to over two million Americans. Increasing global interest means that benefits of beer will continue to expand year after year.

3. Beer is Affordable

Although beer prices vary from place to place, beer is a relatively cheap alcoholic beverage. The average price of a Lager in the United States is $3.69, while the retail price sits even cheaper at $1.55. Restaurants can makes their sales even higher by offering specials on special days like today or by creating regular happy hours. Many consumers try restaurants based off of deals and specials they have to offer.

4. Beer Comes in all Different Shapes, Sizes and Flavors

In 2014, there were 3,040 companies producing beer within the US. That doesn’t include the 1.2 million home-brewers that make the beverage. The producers who span from breweries to basement create a large variety of beers that can match anyone’s taste. Don’t like dark, hoppy beers? Try a light, Belgian Ale. Breweries have even began to listen to consumer needs and create beers, such as light and gluten-free types, to match their needs so everyone can enjoy. Beer cocktails have started to grow, as many restaurants and bars have began experimenting mixing specific beers with hard liquors and flavorings. Beer has also began to make an appearance in recipes, spanning from dips to desserts. The key to enjoying beer? Drink what you like!

How can restaurants capture consumer interest past National Beer Day?

Revamp your beer menu! When consumers come into a restaurant or bar, they consider a variety of things. The top three are brand, price, and calories. Be sure to include classic brands that typically stick in the same price range, while offering new and exciting options to attract the more adventurous. Try not to list beers according to price, since people will stop looking after finding the beer that matches their budget. When consumers were asked what changes they wanted to see to a beer menu, VIBE found that the majority wanted to see additional styles of beer, better and more premium brands, and more draft beers. Most consumers expect at least 6 draft beers to be offered, as well as 12 bottle choices. Restaurants who implement these changes can start to see more success in their beer sales.