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Sommelier Surge in Restaurants

Sommeliers are most famously known to be working in fine dining establishments, overseeing the wine program with their stereotypical snooty attitudes. These practices are changing, however, as sommeliers are getting recruited by more casual restaurants who want an expert to help the guests with a friendly disposition. How do you know if you should recruit a sommelier, […]

3 Up-and-Coming Restaurant Industry Trends

Creating a distinctive edge for your restaurant is a worthwhile strategy. Many restaurants are unable to stay in business within their first year of opening and if they do, they should start following popular trends that inspire customers to come in and try something new. Introduce one or all of these trends in your restaurant […]

Fungus and Wine: A Surprisingly Sweet Treat

The word “fungus” sounds disgusting in itself, but for some winemakers, it is the key to making the perfect dessert wine. Botrytis Cinerea, otherwise known as “noble rot”, is an airborne fungus that dusts grapes when the weather heats up and humidity is high. The question remains, how do producers take advantage of the invasion […]

4 Beverage Branding Tips

More and more restaurants are turning to beverage-related strategies to bring in customers and boost sales. Drink sales are often overlooked in the pursuit of finding the correct target consumer and with competition on the rise, their importance is greater than ever before. Build customer loyalty while bringing your restaurant into the spotlight with these […]

The Rosé Revival: Pink Wine on the Rise

The pink beverage has significantly gained in popularity the last few years. Information company Nielsen revealed a 34% increase to $63 million in the rosé category the past 52 weeks (which ended May 23). Sales are growing globally, as rosé wines are overtaking red and white varietals in some countries. As summer arrives, consumer’s taste for sweet […]

The 5 Wine Consumer Personas You Need to Know

Each and every day restaurant employees serve an array of customers with different wants and needs. Figuring out how to sell wine to every consumer is where the difficulty presents itself. Odds are, your approach to selling changes based on the specific consumer you are serving. In order to help your restaurant’s wine sales, study […]