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Consumer Behavior When Ordering Drinks in Restaurants

Last week, Uncorkd went cross-country and visited Las Vegas for the VIBE Conference. The largest on-premise beverage conference included interactive workshops, guest speakers and access to extensive research. Our employees gained insight into why consumers act the way they do, and we want to share some of that information with you! Start improving your restaurant […]

The Arsenic Argument: Are Some California Wines Dangerous?

On March 19, four California residents filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen California wineries, making the claim that the producers had distributed wine that contains dangerously high levels of arsenic. The Wine Institute, composed of more that 1,000 California vintners, stated that the claim was “false and misleading.” The news caused a panic […]

“Basement” Beer: Aged Beer Gains Popularity

Wine isn’t the only drink that gets better when aged. Restaurants and bars are beginning to cellar specialty and hard-to-find beers in temperature-controlled vaults to enhance the aromas and taste. Americans have been flocking to craft beer for years and now beer-aging programs are giving customers a chance to try something new. Beer fanatics can […]

3 Steps to Make the Ultimate Happy Hour

Happy hour is an occasion that has been around since prohibition. Although not practiced in the same way, restaurants today use it to ease the lull of the late afternoon. Happy hour reflects its name and helps people to reboot after a long day. As  competition grows, happy hours are starting to change to meet […]

Social Media 101 for Restaurants

Online interaction is changing the way people live. Social media continues to skyrocket with more and more people using the outlets to conveniently connect with both individuals and companies. In fact, 9 out of 10 restaurants are using social media in order to form relationships with various communities. It’s easy to sign up, but how […]

Promoting Sustainability with Organic and Biodynamic Wine

Only a handful of wineries across the United States have been certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. Originally, the USDA prohibited finished items to be designated as organic. After some debate, wines could finally be labeled organic after inspection of raw materials, production methods and records of the processes that were completed. […]

Looking Inside the Consumer’s Mind

Choosing which restaurant to dine at can be a tough decision for most consumers. Food quality and atmosphere are key components, but with so many competing establishments, restaurants need to start looking inside the mind of the consumer for other factors that help their selection process. The National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Industry Forecast revealed several […]

A New Era for Australian Wines

Australia holds the title as one of the world’s largest wine producers and this year was the region of focus at the Vancouver International Wine Festival. Australia has been trying to stray from its original image of mass produced bulk wine towards more premium, high-valued wine in order to compete with old world countries such […]