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Increase your Wine Sales with Menu Science

The majority of people who visit a restaurant are coming into the establishment for their food. It is then up to the restaurant to push beverages in order to increase sales. This can seem like a difficult task, but Uncorkd has unlocked the secret in the Definitive Guide to Increasing Wine Sales. Research, as well as a focus on menu science, has revealed to us what it takes to have a successful beverage program within a restaurant. This preview will give you a taste of what to expect from Uncorkd’s guide and prepare you to make the changes that will increase beverage revenue. 

Many people will decide what to purchase (or what not to purchase) by the look and content of a restaurant’s menu. In this day and age, people expect menus to be reflective of the establishment and change when the restaurant does. It is becoming a common practice for menus to update or rotate frequently. Uncorkd’s guide covers three main areas that are vital in increasing wine and beverage profit: menu design, beverage selection and information, and pricing strategy.

A menu gives off the first impression of a restaurant. A formatted design is essential to completing the guest experience. The guide discusses the “look” of a menu and the benefits that come along with clear menu design. Learn how to grab consumer’s attention with correct composition and organization.

Uncorkd recognizes that what goes on the menu is the most important aspect. We know what entices consumers to make the final sale and some information may surprise you. People want a delicious selection, but equally important is the experience that they take with them after their time spent at a restaurant. Giving them the materials that makes their meal complete is what’s going to make the lasting impression. The guide will assist you in determining what essential information your customers need on a wine and beverage list and the options  you should offer to guarantee a sale.

Creating a functioning pricing strategy is key to the success of your wine and beverage program. Each customer that comes through your doors has a different budget in mind and it’s your restaurant’s responsibility to accommodate their finances while introducing them to new options.  Pricing gives customers an idea of the wine program in place and whether or not buying a beverage is a normal practice.

The recommendations made in Uncorkd’s Definitive Guide to Increasing Wine Sales will be sure to increase your beverage revenue. We’ve even included a quick checklist that will help you make sure you’ve hit every change that is necessary to be made. The good news is that the Uncorkd software assists in the implementation of each area discussed, plus has other features that will make a drastic difference within your restaurant. Those that have installed the Uncorkd platform have seen, on average, a 20% increase in wine and beverage sales.

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