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The Silver Lining of the California Drought

A record-breaking four year drought continues to wave over California, creating difficult conditions for farmers that need lush land to make a living. Winemakers, on the other hand, are embracing the harsh environment as their vines have begun to produce perfectly ripe grapes despite the unfavorable circumstances. Still, the production of delicious wine won’t last […]

The Beer Glassware Guide

It’s a known fact that the shape of a glass is vital when it comes to drinking wine, but what about its affect on beer? Can glassware really make your beer experience better, or is it just a marketing strategy used by restaurants to get people through the door? We decided to take the case […]

Ice in Wine: Faux Pas or Smart Move?

Although temperatures have already began to rise, the start of summer was officially recorded yesterday with the summer solstice. People across the United States can now look forward to sunny and longer days. As the weather starts to change, so does wine drinking etiquette. We’re here to address one of the issues that has been of […]

Decanting Champagne

The thought of decanting Champagne makes some people cringe – after all, its the intense bubbles from a freshly popped bottle that gives the wine its zing right? Experts have found that this isn’t always the case, as the decanting process can actually help improve the sparkling wine and the overall dining experience. Say farewell […]

Is Wine On Tap Worth It?

Restaurants across the world are starting to experiment with wine kegs. Yes, you heard right, wine kegs. Wine served from the tap isn’t a brand new trend, but one that is increasing in popularity. Wine on tap is a fantasy come true to some, while a nuisance to others. Here’s what your restaurant needs to […]

Millennials Give Mainstream Beer the Boot

Big breweries are headed for trouble as Millennials start to move from popular beers like Budweiser and Miller Light to wines, spirits and craft beers. MorganStanley discovered that 24% of consumers plan on decreasing spending on beer in 2015. In order to keep up with the shifting taste, restaurants need to revamp their beverage menus […]

The Art of Wine Label Design

Imagine you’re walking through the wine aisle of your favorite grocery or liquor store. Today you’re searching for a white wine to bring home and enjoy with dinner. You walk past bottles and bottles, but suddenly come to a halt, as something has caught your eye. It wasn’t the varietal or bottle shape that made […]

Chinese Wines on the Rise

China has grown from a consumer of fine wines to a supplier. Vineyards have been planted across the country, as top winemakers begin to join in to take advantage of the increasing market. The International Vine and Wine Organization recorded that China now has more land devoted to wine production than France. Although oversupply is […]

3 Reasons You Should Be At The NRA Show

It’s here, it’s finally here! The National Restaurant Association Show starts in Chicago this Saturday, May 16. Tens of thousands of foodservice professionals will pour into the McCormick Place to see the booths that follow the latest trends and topics. This show offers something for everyone – hundreds of stands ranging from nutrition information and culinary […]