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Why Gluten-Free Beer Should be on Your Menu

According to market research agency Mintel, the gluten-free market has grown 63% from 2012 to 2014. People have begun to give up gluten, the proteins found in cereal grains, because of both medical reasons and perceived health benefits. It is because of the increasing popularity of the gluten-free lifestyle that restaurants have decided to widen […]

Cheers to By-The-Glass Wine Selections

“By-the-glass is what drives a wine program. It’s a doorway to your program as a whole,” according to Christopher Birnie-Visscher, sommelier at db Bistro Moderne. There are times when buying a bottle at a restaurant may not be of interest to a customer. However, you can still get that beverage sale by offering a by-the-glass wine […]

Job Growth in Restaurant Industry Expected for 2015

2014 will mark the 15th consecutive year that the restaurant industry job growth outdid the overall economy by adding jobs at an incredible 3.5 percent rate. The National Restaurant Association’s Chief Economist Bruce Grindy states that “The restaurant industry continues to be a driving force behind the nation’s recovery,” as steady job growth convinces consumers […]

Making Wine Tasting Memorable with Technology

There are some great technology innovations happening in the wine industry as you know, but now even wine producers themselves are adopting ways to improve the guest experience at their wineries.  Robert Mondavi Winery, for example, was searching for a way to enhance the wine tasting experience while keeping up with modern times. That’s when winemakers […]