Your Body and Beer- How Drinking Beer Helps Your Health

Just like wine, beer offers an array of health benefits that helps your body inside and out. Beer lovers rejoice, because we’re here to tell you that drinking beer (in moderation) is actually good for you! Here are some scientific facts to give you a reason to have a beer today. Cheers!

Beer is Good For Your Heart

Several studies have revealed that drinking beer leads to a longer life, due to the reduced risk of heart disease. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recorded a 20 to 40% decrease of coronary heart disease in those that consume alcohol moderately. The ingredients in beer also help to increase the production of good cholesterol (HDL) while working against bad cholesterol (LDL). Lowering the chance of heart disease leads to a longer life, but keep in mind that this fact is linked to healthy consumption.

Beer Strengthens Your Kidneys

Because beer is mostly made up of water, it helps to flush out the kidneys of bacteria and buildup. The Journal of Epidemiology noted that kidney stones decreased up to 40% in beer consumers. Other types of liquor lack the high water-to-alcohol ratio that beer has, making beer the best choice for your kidneys.

Beer is Packed With Nutrients

Beer is produced with several ingredients that add nutritional value to the mix. We have listed just a few below-

– Fiber: Beer is full of fiber. Especially brews that are darker in color, as they typically have a gram of fiber in each 30ml glass. Fiber can help with digestion and in some cases, assist with easing an upset stomach.

– Vitamins B6 and B12: The B vitamins are the most prevalent in beer. Niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and folate are some of the technical terms of the vitamins involved, but all you need to know is that these nutrients work with the heart, brain and spine.

– Protein: Protein is found in the most basic ingredients of beer: the hops and malt. Although not present in large amounts, this protein has been found to help strengthen hair cuticles and make it appear shinier.

– Flavonoids: The more hops involved in the brewing process, the more flavonoids. Flavonoids work as an antioxidant against disease, while also acting as a hormone replacement for women.

Beer Supports Bones and Joints

Beer provides some amounts of silicon that strengthens bones by increasing their density. The National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment conducted a study on more than 200,000 women and discovered that consuming alcohol assisted in the prevention of the bone-deteriorating disease. However, it was noted that mineral density decreased in those who consumed more than two drinks a day.

The joints are also benefited by beer consumption. Researchers that conducted a study on 238,000 women found that the risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis was decreased to 22% in the category of women who drink in moderation.

Let us know of any other interesting beer facts by tweeting us @Uncorkdmenus and remember, all the benefits listed above are based off of those that drink in moderation. Kick back, relax, and help your body with a beer.