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3 Up-and-Coming Restaurant Industry Trends

Creating a distinctive edge for your restaurant is a worthwhile strategy. Many restaurants are unable to stay in business within their first year of opening and if they do, they should start following popular trends that inspire customers to come in and try something new. Introduce one or all of these trends in your restaurant to stay current and drive in traffic.

1. Marshmallows in Food and Drink

The sweet, puffy treat is appearing on the menus of finer dining establishments, and not just as a dessert. Chefs are putting the squishy dessert in entrees, vegetables and even drinks. The gelatin consistency of the marshmallow is easily morphed or melted to make a dish more complete. The sweetness of the ‘mallow brings out the flavor of other foods, while giving guests a sense of nostalgia for their childhood.

2. Fresh Vegetable Juices

Creating a cocktail infused with fresh vegetable juice is not only a cool idea, but is viewed as a healthier alternative by customers. The vitamins and nutrients found in these juices may not completely make up for the alcohol, but its an additional boost that doesn’t hurt. Using fresh vegetables that come from the community can enhance a restaurant’s profile and bring in guests that want to do their part and support local business.

3. Root Vegetables on Fall Menus

Root vegetables, like parsnip and ginger, are packed with flavors and nutrients. Chefs can prepare these veggies in an assortment of ways, whether eaten raw, pureed, or grilled. Root vegetables are primarily sweet, so roasting them with flavor-bursting spices will leave guest’s mouths watering. Using these vegetables will add zing to a previously familiar dish and give seasonality to a menu.