4 Beverage Branding Tips

More and more restaurants are turning to beverage-related strategies to bring in customers and boost sales. Drink sales are often overlooked in the pursuit of finding the correct target consumer and with competition on the rise, their importance is greater than ever before. Build customer loyalty while bringing your restaurant into the spotlight with these 4 beverage branding tips.

Knowledge is Power

Before making any restaurant-improving moves, know your restaurant, your menu and your customer. Uncorkd’s 2015 Report of Alcoholic Beverage Preferences in Restaurants found that the preference for wine increases with age, while the preference for beer decreases. The fondness for spirits generally stays the same. The survey also revealed that women tend to choose wine over beer, while men follow the opposite pattern. These key facts and your own observation can assist you in formatting a menu that reflects your customer’s tastes. Noticing trends like those listed above and acknowledging your own sales patterns (maybe there’s a specialty cocktail everyone keeps coming back for) will help you gain the additional profit from beverages.

The Key of Customization

What sets your restaurant apart? Thousands of other restaurants are fighting to stay alive in the industry and are using similar tactics like yours. Zoning in on how to give your restaurant a fresh spin is always a good idea, and an easy place to start is with your beverage program. Having unique options (emphasis on options) appeals to customers- especially Millennials that are taking the dining industry by storm. Think along the lines of creative cocktails, unique wines with different pour sizes and rare craft beers. The chance to try something new will have customers digging deeper into their pockets.

Good Things Come in Cool Packages

If you really want to have your restaurant stand out, offer unique packaging that comes with a drink. These cups, mugs, or glasses can be presented with the drink and available for purchase after the meal. Customers view these goodies as a type of souvenir, taking a piece of your restaurant with them as they leave. Having your name on reusable products strengthens your brand past the restaurant’s walls.  Customers will be more inclined to return after being continually exposed to your brand and their friends and family will be coming with them.

Who Doesn’t Like a Deal?

Special drink deals and promotions have been a way to draw in customers since the beginning of the restaurant age. Drink specials was one of the top answers when Uncorkd asked consumers “What beverage program elements are most important when deciding which restaurants to go to?” Finding success and a high profit margin with these deals is where the challenge presents itself. Promotions should reflect the brand’s image. Are you a college bar that has $2 drafts on Tuesdays? Or a finer dining establishment that offers half off bottles of wine the last Wednesday of the month? These deals should link back to the persona you uncovered when researching your target.