Harsh Truths of Operating a Restaurant

Owning and running a restaurant is hard and generally under-appreciated, especially if you’re not Wolfgang Puck or Gordon Ramsey.  Last month, Amanda Cohen, the owner of Dirt Candy in NYC, wrote an article in Eater called Harsh Truths: Failure Is Always on the Table When Opening a Restaurant. I think this post is a must read for restaurant owners and operators. She provides an honest assessment of her struggles with running her restaurant. As an acclaimed chef and industry veteran,  everything was seemingly going well from the outside, but the financial success was not following.

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Organizing a Restaurant Wine List

Best Tips for Organizing Your Restaurant Wine List

So you’re creating a new wine list, overhauling your existing list, or just looking at ways to improve. We review hundreds of wine lists a month and along with our own data on designing for increased wine sales and our alcohol restaurant research report, both worth taking a look at, I’m here to provide tips for organizing your wine list.

Wine List Objectives
Before getting started, we need to understand what the goals are of the wine list. And not just from the customer’s perspective, but more importantly from the restaurant’s. So what do we want to accomplish…

  1. Encourage customers to drink wine who otherwise may not
  2. Encourage customers to order a higher priced (or margin) item
  3. Ensure the customer enjoys their selection and has a good experience

Of course, you may have additional objectives. Maybe that’s winning a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence award or showcasing rare Bordeaux’s in your cellar. But whatever else you’re trying to accomplish, you are running a hospitality business first and you should be looking to maximize profits and guest satisfaction.

Organizing the Wine List to Maximize Sales
Let’s start out with what not to do if you want to maximize wine sales. Do not organize your list by price. This is the cardinal rule. You’re better off putting your wines in a random order than by price. Why? Because customers will start at the top and only go down to their price comfort level and not explore any further. And if your customers doesn’t know much about wine at all? They’ll order the second cheapest wine all the time.

Now that you know not to organize your list by price, how else can you do it? Your best bet is to organize by flavor profile, from light to full. This provides a lot of value to customers who know what taste they like or what they’re going to eat. Of course, this requires a little more work on your part, but don’t hesitate to ask your distributors for help.

If you don’t organize by flavor profile, you can order alphabetically, by bin number, by region or other orders that provide some clarity to guests and staff.


Categorizing Your Wine List
How many categories to use on your wine list will depend on the overall size of the list, but the ideal target is 3-5 categories for each major section. For example if Red Wines is a section, 3-5 categories beneath that to organize your list. This is where I see a lot of restaurants go wrong, but also an opportunity to really set your restaurant apart. You want categories that make sense for the customer – that helps them find what they are looking for or leads them to something they will like.

The best tips for organizing your wine list and categories:

  1. Keep categories consistent. Don’t organize one area by country and another by varietal. That will make browsing the menu very confusing for diners.
  2. Think about how you want to handle unusual varietals. Introducing customers to unique grapes and wines can be great for your beverage program, but tricky to organize. Consider listing them with other grapes they are similar too, which would be better than just listing them in an Other Varietals category.

  3. Highlight special selections on your list. Use a reserve section, denote featured items with an icon, or otherwise call out wines you want to highlight. Make these wines you want to move out of inventory, special deals and/or rare or hard to find wines.
  4. Customers want food and wine pairings. If you have a large wine list, creating food pairings for everything can be time consuming. But consumers say the number one change they want for wine lists is food pairings and to find wines that match what they are eating. If you don’t create pairing suggestions for every item, at least create them for some and rotate frequently. This will sell more wine and deliver a better experience.
  5. Provide detailed information about each wine. Along with food pairing suggestions, today’s customer wants information. They have access to everything on demand on their phone, but preempt them pulling out a phone by providing good information yourself. At a minimum include the country, region, subregion and appellation. Also include the varietal for US wines and other countries where listing the grape is the norm. Include the producer, if not mentioned in the name.

Take it one step further by providing tasting notes. With a large wine list, this can be a challenge, but one of the great reasons to use Uncorkd’s iPad beverage menus, where you have access to our enormous wine database that does all this work for you. Not only does providing all of this information help your guests, it helps increase staff knowledge and improves waitstaff training.

Vegetable Alcoholic Beverage

3 Up-and-Coming Restaurant Industry Trends

Creating a distinctive edge for your restaurant is a worthwhile strategy. Many restaurants are unable to stay in business within their first year of opening and if they do, they should start following popular trends that inspire customers to come in and try something new. Introduce one or all of these trends in your restaurant to stay current and drive in traffic.

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Millennials Wine

Millennial’s Impact on the Wine Industry

Restaurants and wine producers, get your grapes ready. Millennials are here to take the wine industry by storm. U.S. wine consumption dramatically increased when the first group of Millennials reached the legal drinking age in the early 2000’s. It continues to grow today, Millennials accounting for 27% of total U.S. consumption as reported by Wine Industry Advisor. Restaurants can start taking advantage of the peaked interest of wine by learning Millennial’s habits, wants and needs.

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wine trends and tips for restaurants

Dessert and Drinks – A Sweet Treat for Consumers and Restaurants

Wine, beer and dessert, oh my. This appetizing trend is appearing in restaurants across the country. Tying these beverages to desserts opens new, delicious doors for consumers that have never thought to drink with dessert before. There is an art behind pairing sweet dishes with alcohol and we have the tips to get you started.

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5 Essentials Missing From Your Wine Menu

If your wine menu could talk, what would it say? Would it be blunt, rattling off item after item? Or would it be well versed, giving extra insight to create the ultimate dining experience? The menu is the number one selling tool behind the server. It assists customers with their decision making process and can be the final factor considered when the point of purchase is made. Your menu speaks for your restaurant, and including these 5 items on it will ensure that it is sending the right message. 

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Restaurant and Wine News

Increase your Wine Sales with Menu Science

The majority of people who visit a restaurant are coming into the establishment for their food. It is then up to the restaurant to push beverages in order to increase sales. This can seem like a difficult task, but Uncorkd has unlocked the secret in the Definitive Guide to Increasing Wine Sales. Research, as well as a focus on menu science, has revealed to us what it takes to have a successful beverage program within a restaurant. This preview will give you a taste of what to expect from Uncorkd’s guide and prepare you to make the changes that will increase beverage revenue. 

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Country Club Wine

Country Clubs Using iPad Wine and Beverage Menus

This past week the Uncorkd team participated at our first CMAA conference, which is the association representing country clubs and private clubs throughout the country.  Uncorkd, as the leading iPad wine and beverage menu platform for the club industry, was excited to attend to network with our existing clients and meet new clubs interested in enhancing their club with technology. Read more

Restaurant iPad Wine List

Why Your Wine Menu Is Scaring Your Guests

Are you the kind of restaurateur who is proud of your vast wine list? Do you boast about the hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of bottles you stock? I’m sorry to tell you this, but even though your wine list may be awesome, it’s probably killing your sales. Today’s article clarifies why a long wine menu cuts into your customers’ wine purchases, then gives you the method to fix that problem — fast. 

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Uncorkd 8 Top Spirits Predictions for 2015

8 Top Spirits Predictions for 2015

It’s the end of the year, and everyone is making their drink predictions. Last year, I made food predictions, of which one-third came true… which is enough to have merited me the title of a prophet back in the day. While I still think kumquats are due for their time in the spotlight (man, I love those things), I’m ready to get even more right this year with the eight top spirits predictions for 2015.  Read more