7 Tips for Training Wait Staff on Your Wine and Beverage Program

Restaurant Wait Staff Training

We talk to dozens of restaurants every day and they often tell us one of their top challenges is training their wait staff.  And training staff on the wine list and beverage program can be extra difficult because there can be a lot of items, many details to know and it changes all the time. There’s a few core things you want your wait staff to know about your beverage program: Read more

Your Body and Beer- How Drinking Beer Helps Your Health

Just like wine, beer offers an array of health benefits that helps your body inside and out. Beer lovers rejoice, because we’re here to tell you that drinking beer (in moderation) is actually good for you! Here are some scientific facts to give you a reason to have a beer today. Cheers!

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The Beer Glassware Guide

It’s a known fact that the shape of a glass is vital when it comes to drinking wine, but what about its affect on beer? Can glassware really make your beer experience better, or is it just a marketing strategy used by restaurants to get people through the door? We decided to take the case and found 10 glasses used across the world that cater to an array of brews.

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Millennials Give Mainstream Beer the Boot

Big breweries are headed for trouble as Millennials start to move from popular beers like Budweiser and Miller Light to wines, spirits and craft beers. MorganStanley discovered that 24% of consumers plan on decreasing spending on beer in 2015. In order to keep up with the shifting taste, restaurants need to revamp their beverage menus to make up for the hurting macro-brew industry. Not sure where to start? Have no fear, Uncorkd is here to help.

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wine trends and tips for restaurants

Dessert and Drinks – A Sweet Treat for Consumers and Restaurants

Wine, beer and dessert, oh my. This appetizing trend is appearing in restaurants across the country. Tying these beverages to desserts opens new, delicious doors for consumers that have never thought to drink with dessert before. There is an art behind pairing sweet dishes with alcohol and we have the tips to get you started.

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Changing Beer from Cheap to Craft in Minutes

Beer lovers everywhere have experienced the internal debate on whether or not to settle for ordering a traditional lager or coughing up the extra change to get a craft brew. A Maryland start-up has created a solution that allows beer enthusiasts to get the best of both worlds. Hop Theory made a teabag that consumers drop in their beer to improve their normal lager or enhance the craft beer of choice. Two minutes after being dropped in a pint, consumers have an entirely different beverage.

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Hooray! Today is National Beer Day!

April 7 marks National Beer Day in the United Sates. Though some claim it to be a fake holiday, it is celebrated to mark the end of Prohibition in 1933. After 13 years, beer was finally legally allowed to be produced, sold and consumed by Americans. Restaurants and consumers should embrace the occasion and these facts will give you a reason to celebrate (as if you needed one).

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“Basement” Beer: Aged Beer Gains Popularity

Wine isn’t the only drink that gets better when aged. Restaurants and bars are beginning to cellar specialty and hard-to-find beers in temperature-controlled vaults to enhance the aromas and taste. Americans have been flocking to craft beer for years and now beer-aging programs are giving customers a chance to try something new. Beer fanatics can now celebrate with beers that they wouldn’t find on tap. Storing beer takes skill and a lot of patience. Here’s what you need to know to start your aging program today.

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Saint Patrick’s Day: A Pot of Gold for Restaurants

Whether you’re Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday celebrated across the nation. Each city has their own ways of recognizing the Saint, but more than 30% of those enjoying the holiday will be at bars and ordering a themed food dish or drink. This occasion only comes around once a year, so prepare your restaurant with these helpful tips from your friends at Uncorkd.

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Why Gluten-Free Beer Should be on Your Menu

According to market research agency Mintel, the gluten-free market has grown 63% from 2012 to 2014. People have begun to give up gluten, the proteins found in cereal grains, because of both medical reasons and perceived health benefits. It is because of the increasing popularity of the gluten-free lifestyle that restaurants have decided to widen their menu to offer gluten-free options beyond food to beverage selections.

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