Making Wine Tasting Memorable with Technology

There are some great technology innovations happening in the wine industry as you know, but now even wine producers themselves are adopting ways to improve the guest experience at their wineries.  Robert Mondavi Winery, for example, was searching for a way to enhance the wine tasting experience while keeping up with modern times. That’s when winemakers at the Napa Valley vineyards came up with the idea to create an app that helped consumers leave the winery with long-lasting memories.

The idea sprouted when Mondavi and their parent company, Constellation Brands, began talking to Slalom, a consulting company, about the potential of using Apple’s new iBeacon for their wineries. The beacon technology uses location services on your smartphone to signal an app when you’re within range of a iBeacon.  Mondavi decided to take the leap with the new technology in order to give guests more knowledge about their grounds and the wine itself.

Mondavi implemented the app technology for touring the grounds of the winery. The challenge was making sure that the technology enhanced the experience, instead of distracting consumers. They wanted the audience to receive information without being stuck on their phones, missing the beautiful views that the vineyards offered. After observing their guests, they realized that in addition to enjoying the wine, people were really interested in taking and sharing photos. The team then realized that the app would most benefit consumers if it was organized around great places for pictures. The app has a map that includes three wine tasting spots, three restrooms and eight spots that would be ideal for taking pictures. Consumers could also decide to share their photo to friends on Facebook without leaving the app. Mondavi even found that the social communication didn’t stop at Millennials and spread over a large age range.

Although some may argue that wine-making is an old, traditional practice, Mondavi works towards combining ancient practices with a modern twist. The technology implemented can help customers get around the winery, learn more about wine and create memories with the photos they have taken. The company, on the other hand, gains analytics about how people navigate the winery, where they stop and what it seems that they are interested in. From there, the winery can make decisions on how to better the experience for future guests.