Wine and Beverage News Week of March 19th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from March 19th – 25th.

Wine News

Looking to lighten your red-heavy winter wine menu? Check out our list of crisp and refreshing wines for the spring. From light gamays to mineral-driven French whites, find some spring inspiration with our Spring Wine Guide.

How much wine do millennials actually drink? Not as much as some claim. And that’s important to know when devising a strategy to meet the demand of a generation that spends more money and meals dining than any other group.

World series champs aren’t the only ones getting down with Champagne. American drinkers are now popping more Champagne than they have since 2008. You may want to add more bubbly to your wine list this spring.

Sommeliers are taking the “order second cheapest wine on the menu” mantra and turning it from a practical decision into an experimental one. The mythological menu placement is being used as a way to encourage customers to purchase unique and off-the-radar varietals.

Wine enthusiast put together a list of the top 100 wines from 2015. Do any of these wines have a number in your wine bin?

Beer News

We mentioned beer pairings a couple weeks back. Here is beer pairing level pro: A guide to pairing beer with cheese in your restaurant.

Restaurant News

You’ve got to be sustainable to be hip. And consumers are willing to pay for sustainably-sourced menu items. Get the low-down on sourcing local, sustainable beef for your restaurant. 

Diners are still eyeing menu items they consider healthy. But what consumers look for in a “healthy” dish is changing. Here’s what foodies are now looking for in a healthy meal.

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Kyle Thacker