Wine Resolutions 2015

With New Year’s Eve only 2 weeks away, we figured it’s time we set some resolutions for 2015. Rather than stick with the traditional (go to the gym, learn a language, eat more cookies…. wait, what?), we’re proud to present our official Wine Resolutions for 2015.

  1. Learn More – We had our fun in 2014, but this year we resolve to attend even more wine festivals and tastings, and take the opportunity to talk to the experts, listen to our tastes, and finally understand the difference between Merlot, Muscat, and Malbec.

  2. Ask questions! It’s easy to assume the waitstaff at restaurants are too busy, or not knowledgeable enough to help out, but they attend staff training for this, and would probably appreciate a break from reading off specials and asking if this is your first time visiting. If they really don’t know the answers or can’t help, they will find the right person who will. All we have to do is ask!

  3. Step out of our comfort zone – Too often, we find ourselves just ordering wines we’ve had before, but when’s the last time we’ve tried something from a new region, new grape, new vintage?

  4. Keep track of what we’re drinking – If we follow through on all these resolutions, we should find some way to record it all. These days, there’s no shortage of apps available to help you track what wine you’re drinking, give ratings, and exchange information with friends. We happen to like Delectable, but there are plenty of options available.

  5. Get comfortable ordering – After public speaking and skydiving, “ordering wine” is 3rd on the list of people’s biggest fears (okay maybe not, but it can be scary!). Newsflash: it doesn’t have to be. Once we learn what we like, we can ask for recommendations, or if the restaurant has a digital menu (like Uncorkd!) we can search for it. Either way, we resolve to not break a sweat at the sound of “can I get you anything to drink this evening?”.

That should be enough to keep us busy and tipsy. Wish us luck, and Happy New Year!!

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