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State of the Bar: 2018 Wine Trends

Like all of us, 2017 was a complicated year for wine. Drought and the tragic wild fires that burned through northern California and its vineyards left a raw edge on an other wise successful year for the wine segment. Shaken, but not defeated, what is on the horizon for 2018 wine trends? Let’s take a look at which trends will open up, breath, and come to maturity in 2018. Read more

Spring Wine Trends 2017

The Perfect Spring Wines to Have on Your Wine List

Do you change your wine menu seasonally? If you change your food menu each season to utilize fresh and timely ingredients, you can really elevate the guest experience at your restaurant by pairing new wines with your new food menu. The most innovative and exciting restaurants always consider how to create a cohesive experience for their guests. Rotating your wine menu is a great way to do this. Here are some of the big wine trends that we are excited for this spring. Read more

Uncorkd Customer Spotlight: The County Bench Wine

Customer Spotlight: The County Bench

At The County Bench Kitchen+Bar, the details are important. The appreciation of each ingredient — the produce grown by local farmers, fresh catches by coastal fishermen, or each element stirred in a cocktail — is what the restaurant calls The County Bench Way. Located in the heart of California’s lush wine country in Sonoma County, The County Bench’s beverage program celebrates their local wine producers while also offering  guests a varied selection that draws inspiration from around the world.

We spoke with Chris John, the Wine Director at The County Bench to learn how he balances the abundance of amazing wine produced in Sonoma County with the appreciation he has for Old World wines predate the California wine boom. Read more

Increase Wine Sales - Uncorkd

Why You Should Sell Private Wine Labels At Your Restaurant

Every restaurant and bar is looking for a way to stand out from the next restaurant. One of the coolest and simplest ways to add a stellar feature to your beverage program is to sell your own private label selections. From wine to whiskey, private labels are an easy way to increase beverage sales. Learn how the process works and see how you can stamp your restaurant’s label on a hand-selected bottles that are sure to sell. Read more

How to Combine Innovation and Value Through Wine Education

Diners visit restaurants for countless reasons. Let’s list a few: For a meal. For a drink. For celebration. For convenience. For business. For pleasure. For comfort. For excitement. Understanding why your customers reserve a table with you is key to operating a successful restaurant longterm. Understanding your customer’s intentions is also key to running a great wine program. What wines are they ordering, and why? Whether customers are seeking high value and familiar options, or are crossing their fingers for a delightful surprise from a niche selection, it’s important your wine choices reflect your guests’ expectations.

But no matter the substance of your wine list, educating your guest at the table is how you guide and tailor their expectations. A good restaurant will guide their guests to make the best choices, whatever those choices may be. Read more

Improve Your Wine Program with Three Awesome Steps

When it comes to any kind of alcoholic assortment tasting, the first thing that comes to mind is a beer flight. But, the fun shouldn’t stop there. There are countless ways to showcase a variety of your best wines to your guests. Options ranging in grandeur from offering a wine flight, a “prix fixe” (pairing small pours with small dishes), or even making an event out of hosting a wine tasting at your venue will thrill your guests and boost your revenue. Read more

Wine and Beverage News Week of March 19th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from March 19th – 25th. Read more

Spring Wine Guide: Selecting the Most Refreshing Styles this Spring

Spring is a transitional season for wines just as much as it is for those of us living somewhere with four distinct seasons. Implementing a seasonal rotating wine menu is a great way to keep customers engaged. Just like choosing the proper jacket when the weather can fluctuate 20 degrees in a few hours… selecting the right spring wine is about weight – not color. Implementing a seasonally rotating wine menu is a great way to keep customers excited. Uncorkd offers just the solution.   Read more

5 Smart Ways to Freshen Up a Stale Wine List

Trying to keeping pace with the wine market can make you dizzy. Parsing between trends and fads, personal taste and market preference; it’s enough to make you pour a glass for yourself. For many customers, wine can be intimidating and confusing, but it’s also ever-present and familiar. Modernizing a wine program can be just as confusing but necessary. As a restaurant operator, you have to step outside your comfort zone and update your wine program to make sure your menus excite and appeal to your guests.

But where to start when you’re updating your wine list? Well, we’ll help you out.

These 5 areas of your wine program and operations are prime places to make changes. These changes are simple to implement, and they will do wonders to modernize your program. Read more

Wine and Beverage News Week of Feb. 27

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from February 27th – March 4th. Read more