Image of Bourbon in Fall for Fall Cocktail Ideas and Flavors

5 Fall Cocktails to Capture the Flavors of Autumn

The flavors of fall are comforting and familiar, like an old sweater pulled from storage or the back of your closet. But fall cocktail flavors also give bartenders a chance to get creative. If you’re turning the page with your cocktail menu this fall, then think of flavors that are warming and ripe with nostalgia. Spice and apple,  smokey and nutty; fall cocktails should boast big flavors without being overwhelming. Let’s dive into the leaf pile to explore 5 fall cocktails that are perfect for warming your guests on a cool night.
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Cocktail Trends 2017

Beverage Trend Forecast: Cocktail Trends for 2017

The buzz around cocktails continues to grow and has expanded outside of trend-setting cities like New York and San Francisco. With the growth of cocktail culture, the perceived cocktail snobbery of hip speakeasies and exclusive bars has begun to subside. Cocktails are becoming more approachable again with amazing concoctions being stirred and shaken in every type of bar and restaurant around. The cocktail trends in 2017 will continue what has already begun: high-end cocktails without the pretension.  Read more

Beer Trends 2017

Beverage Trend Forecast: Beer Trends for 2017

2016 was a fun year for beer. The independent beer market continued to grow. The hop-sanity of the IPA craze hasn’t gone away, but IPAs have branched off from high gravity hop-bombs into more subtle and fruity territories.

Beer is a big market, and we can’t ignore the noise made in 2016 by some of its biggest players. The $107 billion merger of Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller was like watching a Hydra sprout another head. But the continued expansion of the craft market underscores a flaw of Big Beer: giants move slow, and brute force can be undone by ingenuity and imagination. And it doesn’t take much imagination to foresee the craft beer market continuing to lead the future of beer. What does that future look like? Let’s take a leap into the Beer Trends of 2017 Read more

Uncorkd Wine Trends 2017

Beverage Trend Forecast: Wine Trends For 2017

Let’s dust off our crystal ball and take a glimpse into the (very) near-future of wine.

To start, I’d like to say that it is a really exciting time for wine right now. And though 2015 saw a -4.1 percent decline in sales volume for wine in bars and restaurant — 2016’s sales numbers are likely to echo 2015’s disappointments — wine is thriving in retail sales.

There is also a lot of excitement over the direction that influential restaurants and sommeliers are taking wine experiences in restaurants. The past couple years have given us some big stories: the revelation of rosé and its insane growth; the coming-out of Spanish wines like Tempranillo, or the continued blossoming of the South American wine industry; and the obsession with millennials impact on wine crystallizing into the overstated maxim that”Millennials are Changing Wine.”

There are factors aside from just millennials that really are changing wine. Let’s take a look at what those might be and see the Wine Trends for 2017.

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Uncorkd Restaurant & Beverage Industry New

The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants September 16th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the top restaurant and beverage industries news that had us talking. Here are the must-read stories from September 10th – September 16th. Read more

Weekly News for Restaurants Uncorkd

The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants August 19th

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The Check Out: Weekly New Bites for Restaurants August 12th

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Uncorkd iPad Menus Summer Drink Trends 2016

3 Refreshing Summer Cocktail Trends in 2016

Summer has arrived. Days are long. Nights go longer. And your customer’s long drink should be the longest of all. If you have a patio or beer garden, then your restaurant is primed to offer the best of summertime al fresco drinking. And while a margarita is a seasonal stand-by, you should make a pact with yourself and the drinking gods to offer something new and exciting to your guests this year. We’re here to help. Here are 3 great summer cocktail trends that will inspire you to create a unique and crowd-pleasing drink menu.

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Uncorkd Weekly Wine and Beverage News for the Week of April 16th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from April 16th – April 23rd.
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3 Essential Features of a Great Restaurant Beer Program

Restaurants need to have a great beer list. With so many high-quality beers available on the market it’s easy for restaurants to put together a top notch beer program that can meet the tastes of all beer drinkers. There’s more reason than just taste preference to stock craft beers. Working with local brewers is a great way to support small businesses in your own community, and when your guests have a connection to your beer list, they will order will likely order those beers. Here are some great tips for putting together an innovative yet approachable beer program. Read more