Wine and Beverage News Round-Up Week of Feb. 13

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here’s our list of must-read articles from the web this week. This week features the hottest concepts and brands in dining, insane delivery revenue growth, the inside scoop on natural wine, and a new Bulleit Bourbon release . Here are the can’t miss new’s stories from February 13th – 19th. Read more

What is Natural Wine?

For the past few years, natural wine has been pegged as the “the next big thing” in the wine world.  But natural wines haven’t had their moment in the spotlight. In the first two months of 2016, there has been a lot of coverage and discussion of natural wines, as they seem to be making more of push nationally. Will 2016 be the year of natural wines? Will 2015’s Brosé be replaced by Bro Naturel? Here’s what you should know about natural wine if you’re contemplating putting it on your menu. Read more

Uncorkd Weekly News Round-Up Jan. 2nd – 8th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here’s our list of must-read articles from the web this week. Featuring  the “simple food” revival, sustainable Champagne production, Celebrity Chefs David Chang and Tom Colicchio, and the demise of Sommeliers. Here is our round-up from January 2nd- January 8th.  Read more

Beverage Trends for 2016: Wine

It’s that time of year again. We dust off our crystal balls and look ahead to the new year and predict what fun awaits us after winter. Last week, we looked at cocktail and spirit trends to watch in 2016. This week, we venture into the wide world of wine. 2015 saw big growth for sparkling wines like Prosecco, and the rise of Rosé brought us the amazing term “brosé.”

What wine trends will break out in 2016?

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Wine Trend to Watch: English Sparkling Wine

When you think of England and alcohol, wine doesn’t necessarily come to mind. Beer? Of course. It’s tough to beat an English ESB. Gin? Certainly. There aren’t many labels more iconic than the Beefeater yeoman warder stationed on their London dry gin. But English wine, and specifically, English sparkling wine? No, that doesn’t bubble to the forefront of the mind. But be warned: that may soon change. Read more

French Connection: A Short Guide on French Wine Regions and their Grapes

It can be intimidating to start your wine education. As you dig down into the soil bed of wine you can find yourself pushed up against thousands of years of nuance and history associated with the fabled elixir. There are important geographies, a unique lexicon, long histories that span across countries, famous vintages, and much pride that comes along with wine production. I

If you work at a restaurant or bar, or are just a curious consumer, there is a lot you feel like you’re missing when you’re dealing with wine. For me, one of those head-scratching moments comes from understanding the differences and similarities between French and American wines. In this post, I aim to help you out with some of those distinctions.  Read more

Millennials Wine

Millennial’s Impact on the Wine Industry

Restaurants and wine producers, get your grapes ready. Millennials are here to take the wine industry by storm. U.S. wine consumption dramatically increased when the first group of Millennials reached the legal drinking age in the early 2000’s. It continues to grow today, Millennials accounting for 27% of total U.S. consumption as reported by Wine Industry Advisor. Restaurants can start taking advantage of the peaked interest of wine by learning Millennial’s habits, wants and needs.

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Ice in Wine: Faux Pas or Smart Move?

Although temperatures have already began to rise, the start of summer was officially recorded yesterday with the summer solstice. People across the United States can now look forward to sunny and longer days. As the weather starts to change, so does wine drinking etiquette. We’re here to address one of the issues that has been of ongoing debate between sommeliers: Is it acceptable to add ice to your wine? The temperature of wine is of utmost importance and contributes to the full experience of the beverage. But are there times when icing the wine is absolutely necessary?

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Tricking the Taste Buds: How to Make Bargain Wine Taste Expensive

Wine lovers rejoice! The secret has been revealed on how to make an inexpensive bottle of wine taste like that of high-end quality. How you might ask? Hyperdecanting. Though it sounds complicated, the only tool you’ll need is a blender and, of course, your favorite bargain brand wine.

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The Arsenic Argument: Are Some California Wines Dangerous?

On March 19, four California residents filed a lawsuit against more than a dozen California wineries, making the claim that the producers had distributed wine that contains dangerously high levels of arsenic. The Wine Institute, composed of more that 1,000 California vintners, stated that the claim was “false and misleading.” The news caused a panic within the wine drinking community, as many began to stray away from certain brands that were named in the case. But is there truly reason to worry? Knowing the facts can help wine consumers everywhere understand the situation and determine the steps to take from there.

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