3 Summer Trends Key to Your Restaurant’s Success

With Memorial Day right around the corner, restaurants need to start preparing for nicer weather and the growing demand for seasonal menus. We have discovered this summer’s up-and-coming trends that will help your restaurant stand out while putting money in your pocket.

Beer Gardens

A tradition started in Germany in the 18th century, beer gardens have been used as a way to increase profits while letting people enjoy the warming weather. The main goal of a beer garden is to make a comfortable social area with seating options in both the sun and shade. Each garden can be designed to reflect the establishment it is a part of. For example, a fine dining restaurant can adorn their garden with individual tables that have more elaborate decorations, while a craft beer bar can use benches to foster interaction. Being outside when the sun is shining puts anyone in a better mood and restaurants can use these positive attitudes to work in their favor.

Alcohol Trends

1. Shandies: The delicious mix of beer and lemonade has started to make an appearance as the summer months approach. Many breweries offer their own, bottled versions of shandy, but some restaurants have opted to start making their own creations. Whatever the choice, shandy is a sure way to cool down guests and leave them wanting more.

2. Beer Cocktails: These refreshing mixes of beer and flavorings can spice up your menu without costing your restaurant a fortune. Unlike regular cocktails, customers can sip on a few of these without getting slammed with the effects of strong alcohol.

3. Vermouth: This fortified wine is increasing in popularity this summer. It has a little more oomph than a glass of wine, but has less alcohol content than a cocktail. The sweet beverage has been used to create cocktails, such as the Manhattan, but has grown enough to be enjoyed on its own- straight or on ice.

4. Wine: This one is a given, but we thought it would be a good idea to reiterate what makes a good summer wine. Choose wines that have lower tannin levels, such as whites, rosés and light-bodied reds. These wines can be served chilled without losing aromas or flavors. Select wines that have a higher acidity, so consumers are left feeling refreshed.

Small Plates

This food trend is spreading like a mini wildfire throughout restaurants. Using small plates when serving food helps cooks properly measure and keep an eye on costs, while delighting the customer with their cute style. Using unique dishes with food, like mini crock-pots or mason jars, allow for creativity and efficiency. These small portions enhance the dining experience, while saving money.