Summer 2017’s Most Drinkable Beers

If any beverage was tailor-made for the summer time, it would definitely be beer. Crisp and refreshing, beer is an effortless and affordable way to cool down after a hot summer day. From your classic citrusy wheat beers to hoppy IPAs to summer lagers, the possibilities are endless, so why not venture away from your typical six pack and try something new? We know, we know, there’s a lot to choose from, but you don’t have to drink them all right away. Consider this your summer beer bucket list.

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15 Cocktails You Must Try This Summer

What better way to beat the heat than with a cold drink in your hand? From spicy margaritas to delectable daiquiris, we’ve got something for everyone. These refreshing favorites are a must-have for your restaurant this season.

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The Best of Summer Wine Pairings

Spring is well underway and it’s time to start looking ahead to even brighter (and hopefully warmer) days. With the better weather comes an influx of guests looking for food and drinks to match their newfound cheery dispositions and sudden health-consciousness. With a few simple guidelines, you can pair any summery item on your menu with the perfect wine.

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3 Summer Trends Key to Your Restaurant’s Success

With Memorial Day right around the corner, restaurants need to start preparing for nicer weather and the growing demand for seasonal menus. We have discovered this summer’s up-and-coming trends that will help your restaurant stand out while putting money in your pocket.

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