Uncorkd Weekly Wine and Beverage News for the Week of April 16th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from April 16th – April 23rd.

Wine News

Tuscany is producing some of the best Italian wines. The Brunello region (famous for its Sangiovese wines) has released two straight years of top-notch vintages that would look great on your bottle list.

Oregon is forever being compared to France. Most cite the Beaver State’s Pinot Noir link to Burgundy, but non-pinot varietals from the Loire Valley are finding success in the northwest. Oregon wines offer a lot of diversity at great prices.

Distillers are trying wild combinations with barrels once exclusively used for whiskey, scotch, or bourbon… They’re aging wine in them .

Restaurant and Bar News

You can’t miss Uncorkd’s new ebook, How to Increase Beverage Sales by Modernizing Your Bar. Our guide gives you expert insight on modern bar trends and techniques that can increase your sales.

Remember when every new bar that opened was designed like a speakeasy? Much like prohibition, we are all happy that the trend has ended, but what will future bars look like?

Beer and Cocktail News

Cinco de Mayo is the beginning of Margarita season. Here are 13 unique twists on the classic drink in preparation for the 5th of May.

King-of-the-beer-nerds the Brewer’s Association breaks down the Top 50 craft and overall breweries in the U.S. How many of the top-50 do you have on your menu?

Irish Coffees have saved countless folks from that fuzzy feeling in the morning. San Francisco’s Buena Vista Café has been slinging these cocktails in abundance since 1952. This video captures the remarkable showmanship of how the Café puts together this classic drink.