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The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants September 16th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the top restaurant and beverage industries news that had us talking. Here are the must-read stories from September 10th – September 16th.

Restaurant News

So many restaurants use buzzwords like “fresh” and “seasonal” to market their new menu releases. But that won’t help a restaurant stand out. There are creative ways to build actual buzz for your new menu, you just need to outthink your competition and market it correctly. These are fun ways that will make sure your new menu gets the attention, and sales, it deserves. Learn How to Successfully Launch Your New Restaurant Menu.

Creating personal connections between restaurants and chefs can create repeat business and allows fans of your restaurant “special access” to your restaurant that goes beyond a traditional dining experience. Chefs in Florida are creating a buzz by offering private, ticketed chef dinners that expand on the chef’s table experience. Food fanatics love hearing the philosophies and processes that drive chefs. See how these progressive restaurants are building relationships by creating Ticketed Events [that] Bring Special Access to Restaurants and Chefs.

Themed parties are always fun. You get be someone else for the night. Even if it is the real you that has to suffer the hangover in the morning. But the theme craze has started to take over bars and restaurants, too. Themed bars run the risk of jumping the shark, but they can also be a really fun time, and have big appeal if the execution and product behind the theme is undeniably good.Here are great themed bars that are doing it right.

Cocktails and Spirit News

The smash is a classic cocktail that was originally so close to being a mint julep that it wasn’t so much a cousin of the famed Derby cocktail, but a kissing cousin. The smash has evolved since it’s early days and now many cocktail bars are offering twists and takes on the classic whiskey smash. It’s a great drink for your bartenders to have in their repertoire because it is so easy to riff on. But, How Well Do You Actually Know the Smash?

In last week’s news round-up, we touched on how Bourbon’s popularity was decreasing the amount of whiskey available in the market. As frustrating as this is for consumers, it’s equally frustrating for restaurants and bars that can’t stock the whiskies they and their patrons want because of allocations and limited supply. But good news is coming, according to a report from Market Watch, The Bourbon Shortage Is Ending. So check with your distributor, you might be able to grab that case of Elmer T. Lee that you’ve been waiting on.

Wine News

Fall is the time of wine festivals. And, like any public gathering involving alcohol, wine fests are an opportunity for you to embarrass yourself, or, at least annoy the other well-behaved, milquetoast festival goers around you. But don’t fear being “that person,” just remember these 7 People You Don’t Want to Be at a Wine Festival.

Beer News

Behold, the wonders that craft beer has brought us: You will soon be able to stay in a craft beer hotel that Stone Brewing, the 10th largest brewery in the U.S. and famed for high octane IPAs, plans to open in 2018. Located in Escondido, just North of San Diego, in a craft beer metropolis that is home to over 100 breweries and brewpubs. Guests will be able to drink archived beers from Stone, thumb through craft beer books, and be greeted with a beer tasting bar in the lobby check-in area. Beer geeks should begin getting their travel funds in order. You won’t want to miss this. Take a look Inside Stone Brewing’s Hotel Dedicated to Craft Beer.

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