How Many Red or White Wines Should You Have on Your List

One thing we like doing here at Uncorkd is looking at beverage data. Across our platform we have valuable and actionable intelligence on what’s happening on menus across the country. We provide this data to our clients to improve their beverage program and increase sales. Today I took a look at what percentage of a menu contains different types of wines and how does that change by type of establishment. So let’s start with some trivia…

What percentage of a wine list is white wine vs. red wine?

How does the makeup of a wine list differ between independent and chain restaurants, hotels, casinos and private clubs?

Here’s a small taste of menu data to answer these questions as you’re building or redeveloping your wine list.

On average the makeup of a wine list across all types of establishments is:

Sparkling: 6%
White: 28%
Rosé: 1%
Red: 60%
Dessert: 5%

Interestingly enough, the popularity of sparkling wines and rosé have been surging, but yet they still only make up a tiny fraction of restaurant wine lists. Are restaurants offering too few choices in these categories?

Now, let’s break down how this data looks by type of venue.

[visualizer id=”3920″]

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[visualizer id=”3915″]

You’ll see the data doesn’t vary drastically between venue types. In future posts we’ll dive deeper into breakdowns by grape varietal, region, producer and venue attributes such as average check size and ambiance, and we’ll also relate this to consumer interest data, where there are very interesting insights and opportunities to improve your wine list.

Have a question about data and insights from wine lists? Let us know on Twitter @UncorkdMenus and we’ll look to provide an in-depth answer in a future post.

Josh Saunders