Technology at the Table: Gadgets Surrounding Dinner

Technology has been seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our lives. From the moment we wake, until just before bed.. there it is, beeping and buzzing all day long. It should come as no surprise that the way customers chose your restaurant, make reservations, order, and even pay afterwards is all completely centered around technology. Here is how to best adapt.

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How Many Red or White Wines Should You Have on Your List

One thing we like doing here at Uncorkd is looking at beverage data. Across our platform we have valuable and actionable intelligence on what’s happening on menus across the country. We provide this data to our clients to improve their beverage program and increase sales. Today I took a look at what percentage of a menu contains different types of wines and how does that change by type of establishment. So let’s start with some trivia…

What percentage of a wine list is white wine vs. red wine?

How does the makeup of a wine list differ between independent and chain restaurants, hotels, casinos and private clubs?

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Uncorkd Wine Trends 2017

Orange Wine on the Restaurant Wine List – Trend or New Standard

The trendiest thing to hit wine consumers lately is orange wine. Many are calling orange wine the new rosé. Sommeliers have been familiar with orange wine for decades and in fact the process of making orange wine goes back over 5,000 years. Put simply, orange wine is using white wine grapes but keeping them in contact with the skin to producer wine with an orangish hue and wonderful, unique flavors and complexities that can be considered a hybrid of white and red. Pretty much the opposite of rosé, where red wine grapes are crushed and the skin quickly removed. Restaurants around the country are adding orange wines to their menu, have you? If not, you need to add orange wines to your restaurant wine list ASAP. Here’s why. Read more

Servers on Salary: Is Tipping Coming to an End?

As the debate over a fair minimum wage grows statewide, many restaurants have began participating in the anti-tipping movement by paying their servers a salary. Dirt Candy, a vegetarian restaurant in New York, has experimented with the idea by removing the line to tip and instead implementing a 20 percent “administrative fee” on every bill, which goes towards the employees of the restaurant. There are many benefits of the new payment system, but some traditional restaurants continue to object.

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