The Check Out: Weekly News Bites for Restaurants April 29th

Every Friday Uncorkd compiles the most recent restaurant and beverage industry stories that had us talking. Here is the can’t miss news from April 23rd – April 29th.

Wine News

There is nothing wine enthusiasts love more than speculating on what the next trendy wine will be. This “next big thing” will be Cab Franc from Argentina. Experts predict that Cab Franc will become Argentina’s second most important varietal after Malbec.

What kind of food should you serve with fine wine? If you’re lucky enough to have asked this question before, then here’s your answer. Just remember to send us an invite to dinner once you’ve settled on your pairings.

Here are Top 10 wines that written about in the U.S. press this week. The compiled list looks at the wines that received the best reviews from wine writers. Woah, a compiled news list linking to a compiled news list. We’re getting meta this week.

Restaurant News

Death of the Upsell: Why Restaurants Profit More by Cross-Selling. Like Trump’s The Art of the Deal, cross-selling is an art that must be practiced to be performed well. Restaurant staff should focus on cross-selling instead of upselling. It’s better for the customer. It’s better for business.

Millennials to restaurants: give us more tech. It’s true. Though millennials aren’t quite cyborgs yet, they are more reliant on technology than any other generation. Well, any other generation with purchasing power. So, if you want to capture their dollars and minds, then it might be time to punch it to 88 in your DeLorean and head into the future of restaurants.

Cocktail News

Here are 5 super simple spring cocktails. How’s your cocktail? Super, thanks for asking. The Burja Smash with Tequila, Strega, mint, and raspberries sounds like a winner.


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Kyle Thacker