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Uncorkd Adds New Inventory Management Functionality with POS Integration

I’m excited to announce the release of our new inventory management functionality, available for free to all Uncorkd customers. The new beverage inventory system streamlines menu management and inventory all in one place. Restaurants can now make quick changes to their menu while also adjusting inventory, seeing real-time quantities on hand and generate detailed inventory, sales, and purchasing reports to better operate their business.

How You Can Use the New Inventory System

Uncorkd now integrates with the Micros 3700 point-of-sale system (and many more POS systems are coming soon), which provides real-time sales and depletion data for your menu items. But even if you are integrated with your POS system, you can still use Uncorkd as a better alternative to keeping inventory than spreadsheets or doing it by hand. That’s because with Uncorkd you can take your physical inventory accounts easily, on your phone, iPad or computer, and have the inventory data all stored in the cloud accessible anywhere. You can track the information over time to see how it changes. Don’t worry, all your information in Uncorkd can be exported to spreadsheets with the click of a button. You have the ability to export your current inventory data, the history for any item and all of your reports.

Here are the major use cases for the new inventory system:

  • Conduct physical inventory counts that you can track over time
  • Have automated depletion and real-time inventory data with POS integration
  • Automatically remove out of stock items from your iPad menus or show current available stock
  • See your inventory on-hand, quantity and dollar values, by item, product types or distributor to better analyze your program
  • Analyze spend by product or vendor to know what you need to purchase or should stop carrying

Other Useful Features of Uncorkd Inventory

Our simple interface for managing inventory also allows you to:

  • Quickly filter, sort and search to make performing inventory counts faster than doing it in spreadsheets
  • Track product costs to see how they change over time and calculate product margins
  • Set par levels to easily filter items to see what needs to be re-ordered
  • Store distributor information so you know at a glance who to order which products from
  • Generate detailed reports for your entire beverage program all in one place, including your inventory data, sales, ordering and inventory adjustments. Group and sort the reports to quickly find your slowest moving items or what types of products you have too much inventory of.

If you’re an existing customer, this inventory functionality is available now. Check out our support page for video tutorials and other materials or contact us for help.

If you’d like to learn more about our new inventory system and digital beverage menus, request a demo.

Josh Saunders