Uncorkd Adds New Vendor Purchasing, Tracking and Reporting Functionality

I’m excited to share our latest product launch, one of our largest to date, that streamlines all alcohol vendor purchasing. Restaurants and bars can now quickly place orders with all distributors in a fraction of the time, see order history and get more insight into their beverage program than ever before, from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Uncorkd Mobile Ordering

How It Works

Uncorkd makes it easy to quickly add products to your shopping cart, just like on any eCommerce website. And it works from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

1. Tap or enter your quantity and choose to order by individual units or by the case

2. Your shopping cart segments the order by distributor

3. Click Place All Orders and each distributor rep will receive an email with your purchase order

4. When you receive your order, click Confirm Delivery Received and snap a photo of your invoice

No longer scribble down notes of what you want to buy for the week. No longer email/text/call each of your sales reps one-by-one to place orders. And when your order arrives, products are added to your inventory automatically with exact costs from your invoice. Access insightful reports from anywhere to get the full picture of your spend.

All Your Actual Item Costs Are Automatically Recorded

One of the coolest features is that Uncorkd records your actual item costs, without you having to manually enter anything in. When you take a photo of your invoice on your phone, that line item data goes into your Uncorkd order. You can then see how your cost changes over time, what your current weighted average cost is and have an accurate, searchable order history accessible from anywhere.

Get More Visibility Into Your Alcohol Purchasing

We’ve created a large number of reports to help you get a better handle on your beverage program. Break down your spend by wine vs. beer vs. spirits and drill-down further to see spend by drink type. See your actual weighted average costs of products based on your invoice data. See which distributors you spend the most money with to leverage your purchasing power to get better deals. And analyze purchasing trends over time to determine what you should carry going forward.

If you’d like to learn more about our new alcohol distributor ordering system, request a demo.

If you are an existing Uncorkd customer, contact us for free personalized training.


Josh Saunders