Uncorkd iPad Wine Menu at the Table

Electronic Menus & Wine Selection: A Truly Perfect Pairing

The scene is a common one. A group of diners are out for a nice meal when suddenly the server hands over the wine list. It’s pages long and feels as heavy as your high school chemistry book. As you scan the list, you are overwhelmed by the hundreds of wine you have never even heard of before. You ask the server for a few recommendations but he seems equally nonplussed, not to mention, frantically busy.

Then you glance at the prices. One hundred dollars for a bottle of wine you might not even like? No way. You give up and order the cheapest bottle of wine (or the second cheapest, just to be a little decadent). You don’t know if you made the right choice, but at least it didn’t break the bank.

Thankfully, there is a better way. Electronic menus are changing the way people choose wine and enhancing the dining experience from start to finish. With an electronic menu, the guest is empowered to make the best decision for his or her palette as well as for their meal.

With the Uncorkd iPad wine list software, guests can choose from a clear, concise and interactive wine and beverage menu with ease. They can see pictures of the bottle and the label (which can help them to better remember if they have enjoyed the wine in the past), and they can see what country and what area the wine comes from. They can search for the region of their choice or the varietal of their choice, as well as by vintage, price, or by the glass, so every diner is able to customize his wine choice to perfectly suit his mood and his budget.

Additionally, with Uncorkd, guests can read tasting notes and descriptions of each wine on the list.  Access to this information is invaluable when it comes to wine selection. While some people might know the difference between a Syrah and a Pinot Noir, they might not know the varying notes that differentiate between the available Syrahs on the wine list and how that affects the taste and body of the wine. With tasting notes and descriptions, guests don’t have to guess when it comes to wine, and that’s an important factor when nights out are a rarity.

Uncorkd also offers recommendations for menu pairings. If the guest is having pasta, they can use the menu to find wine recommendations that will best suit their meal…right from the restaurant sommelier or the chef himself. This enhances not only the flavors of the meal but also the dining experience as a whole. Servers can and do offer wonderful wine recommendation, but nothing can replace the experience of a master sommelier or the knowledge and intent of the chef behind the meal.

The beauty of Uncorkd is that it enhances the guests’ meals without detracting from the personal connection of a fine dining experience. With the software, diners can be connected not only to the chef and the sommelier, but to the very region where their wine originated. Uncorkd works best when it comes with an educated staff that can help to guide and educate the guests each step of the way.

While today’s economy has hit many Americans hard, the truth is that people have never been more engaged and interested in dining well. Cooking shows and lifestyle programs have empowered many people to broaden their palette and expand their culinary horizons, and people now love to try new things and explore when they are out to dinner. With Uncorkd, they can choose their own adventure and enjoy the journey every step of the way.

Josh Saunders